Friday, December 28, 2012

review of what ive done this holidays

haha, i spent the most productive holidays of my entire life.

i studied more than i played OMG HAHAHA. but that was partially due to the fact that i got bored of playing computer games tsktsk. funny how that seems to strike you when u reach adolescence.

never have i complained of playing computer games till im bored from sec 1 to sec 4, be it 15 hours of gaming non-stop or playing until my eyes turn red and explode . guess finally getting bored of playing computer games is the first step to adulthood OH NO.

apart from the sudden revelation, i actually finished chemistry jc2 sysllabus WOO. means, next yr chemistry is gonna be soo fun yipee XD

enough of that, i still haven done I&I but ah, what the heck man. ill screw it till a later date.

for now, lets just join in the festive spirits~~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


one trip to malaysia was sufficient enough for me to acquire many mini bumps all over my body, some even in uncanny places. amazing, i thought, how does a mosquito navigate through my shirt, fly through my pants and whatnots and successfully launch an attack on my pitiful body?

somehow, i secretly believe mosquitoes undergo SWAT training (haha get the irony?)

haha, continuing my theory of mosquitoes,  they are trained at a tender age of 2 weeks old to aim succulent meaty individuals/ cute innocent kids/ sweet people like me... . then, they are taught combat training, like avoiding the beatdown, silent creeping skills and noisy bzzzzz radar communication skills. every rainy season will be their promotion test, criteria is to be a sucker suck as much blood from us humans as possible and return unscathed. of course, only the brave and skilled make it back alive. tales passed down generations by generations of legendary mosquitoes who survived the great HW1 (human war 1) are famous within battalions of mosquitoes, inspiring them to be like their forefathers. should one day they die, they die a honorable death.

so how do they complete their tasks? firstly, they select their targets wisely, preferably young, fat, slow, cumbersome oafs (yes, an example would be dudley, refer to fat kid below)

for slightly picky mosquitoes, they even pick the type of blood they want to suck.

yeap, then they dive in at near ma(t)ch 3 speed, aiming for the best spot to penetrate the skin and into a thick juicy blood vessel.

and they suck (pun intended).

some of them even aim for difficult places, like *ahem* and *cough cough* (unsuitable for minors) just so to brag to other mosquitos

haha, this concludes my highly suspicious theory of mosquitoes. cheers~

Friday, December 14, 2012

in malaysia

sup, im in malaysia, at some ulu place but woots! got wifi so hi!!

ahahahaha, what a bliss to get away from hustling and bustling city life, where you can never stop to catch a breather nor appreciate the amazing beauty of wildlife and nature.

to nurture patience, to master endurance, to perfect excellence...

just go, seek nature's embraces people :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

first midnight cycling

i celebrated 1 dec by night cycling with my class dudes~

blah blah blah, fun

blah, sleepy

blah, tired

yes, i survived 7 hours

to sum up (literally), night + cycling + me + friends + parks = leg pain + ass pain + tiredness + sleepiness

Sunday, November 25, 2012



somehow running makes me think of nothing, but just putting my left foot forward then my right food and the cycle repeats itself. admiring the scenery, watching people pass by one by one as the skylight fades into the darkness, how the reality seems to distance away as you press on; you think nothing.

imagine memories, feelings, studies, family all compressed within a ball and thrown within the depths of the deep blue sea. gradually, as you finish your run, somehow the ball floats back, somehow you pick it up, and somehow the reality explodes on you.

you can never run away.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

somehow the holidays feel more empty than during school curriculum. sighhh (do i miss you)

sometimes en route to school to study, i wonder what is my purpose in life, what are my ultimate goals and how am i gonna achieve them?

somewhere in bishan, i lay wide awake on my bed, thinking, reflecting, hoping, yearning...

somewhat deep philosophical thoughts flood my mind as i toss and turn on my bed, questions feeding more questions, puzzles encircling puzzles; im drowning within.

The abyss.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Great fulfilling day

Update on today:

- went to school, greeted and chat with by lovely sunshine bakery uncle and auntie :) they so cute~

- finished up chem homework yay!!

- finished math tutorial 10 maclaurins series yay!!

- finished the math revision package 7 qns yay!!

- went home to clean up house yay!!

- slept on floor, woke up without flu anymore yay!!

- went for run, but stopped at 6km due to rain awww :'(

- watched final episode of 秋香遇见唐伯虎 yay!!



Sunday, November 11, 2012

My final gift to you

i guess i do not have the courage to say it directly to you. so i shall say it here.

life's been tough adapting to the changes, the absence of your scent, the absence of your smile, the absence of your chiding and most importantly, the absence of your presence. i wish you suffered less than me, i wish you enjoyed your time with friends, i wish you smiled, if not for me but i dun mind. even as friends i lack the courage to say hi to you, regretting as i saw my way out of reading room and you following along the queue. that day, i resisted the urge to ask you, to ask if u did fine - ur very best and to congratulate you in your journey towards the end of pw, the end of exams, the end of our end, for best or for worst.

tomorrow, you will embark on a trip overseas, 2 weeks of fun with friends and hopefully that will get your mind off me and my mind off you. i cant really say ill forgive you for stealing my heart, neither will i forgive you for giving it back. rather, i hope you will know that at least we have been through a lot together. i still remember the fireworks and lights display, our first night out at that very spot and we got lucky. not sure if it was destined or by luck, but im glad i got to see it with you.

i hated pw, not for the strenuous workload, not for highly helpful teachers, but because you suffered sleepless nights over it. i hated pw for the way you are allocated your group, i hated it for making you work triply or even quadruply hard, i hated it that i couldnt help you more... everytime you ranted about pw, my heart pains for you and i really wished to hug you even tho we are miles apart.

parents, they bring you up they can bring you down too. that night, i shed tears knowing you shed tears. i know its impossible to be true, but it is. i yearned so much to hold on to you, but i know your heart may be with me but your body is not. i dun hate your parents, i dun begrudge them, i dun blame anyone, certainly not you. time and time again, i tell myself i can wait, i can hold my flame in my heart, i can do it. time and time again, you told me to give it up. now i know you had my best interests at heart, that one day should fate really deem us together, we will ultimately walk down the church aisle together.

sometimes life really plays people; we go through good times and bad times, but we dun laugh through good times only - we laugh through bad times, we learn to pick ourselves up and be a better person. we shouldnt ask why it became like this, but rather how we can reflect and learn from this.

life aint easy, but life aint tough either. i trust you will lead your life as fulfilling and enriching as i live mine. jiayou and press on, pres.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dedicated to everyone who loves runningman and kim jong kook's amazing voice!!! ENJOY~

Friday, November 2, 2012

My sketches :O

My first sketch. 

 My second sketch.

 My third sketches.

 My last sketch.

Woohoo. i think i am a budding artist in the making oooo lala~

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i need to buck up!!!!!!!!!!!!

life's pretty shitty now with pw and no one to spend time with...

gone were the days i spend time outside

gone were the days i played around

gone were the days i thought of you

gone, all gone. faded gradually into the depths of the shadowless bottomless abyss.
but ill keep it, ill harbour hopes for the future, ill think positive, ill cheer up, ill man up, ill be myself.

because im Isaac, and all Isaacs will never give up, never think negative, never say never.(no, i dun like bieber for the record)

meanwhile, enjoy life and absorb experience. i shall be the best person i can be.

Friday, October 19, 2012











Monday, October 15, 2012

why guys have PMS too

Dear girls,
 we guys have personal mood swings (PMS) too. when we see you complimenting a stranger partnered to you, we get jealous. when we want to be in a same group as you but you get paired to another guy, yes we get jealous too. when we ignore you, we are pretending and in fact want you to care, want you to initiate and want you to tease us for our childishness. and we love it alright. what you girls love, we guys love it too.

guys love attentive girls.

guys love sensitive girls.

guys love understanding girls.

guys love shy girls that aren't afraid to initiate when she feels something is wrong with her guy.

 we guys are always there at girls' beck and call; but girls, when they are busy, they ignore and dun bother to inform guys, leaving us clueless puzzled - waiting...

some guys take a short time to get angry, some longer, some very very long, but at some point in time, we will. and we want girls to know. yes you girls, appreciate us alright.

Yours sincerely,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Im happy

I have someone in my heart now :) and i love it~

time flies so fast when im with her and she never fails to motivate me for everything and anything. sometimes i just smile out of nowhere, thinking how lucky i am to meet her and how will i ever find other girl as perfect as her? yes, so i told myself, i should not be giving up a chance and let her slip by. and so i did.

i started to do things that bettered my chances in her noticing me, walked a certain path every morning smiling sweetly should she turn to look at me, visited my nccmates at their bench hoping to catch a glimpse of her and finally i got the chance.

it was a class dinner invite from (---) and i agreed, thinking "why not? more people to talk to" and so i went. lol presto, she was there too, waiting for the rest of class invitees to gather. yes, i grinned to myself and my heart swelled. awww, that simple hi to me, a stranger, was oh ever so pleasant~

we walked down towards the mrt, asking around for suggestions to places for dinner and of course, i was oblivious to everything, merely trying to start a conversation with her albeit a bad one given i talked about her rumour (shouldnt have done that)  well, at least we had a conversation :)

finally settled down at the dinner place and i found my butt landing itself to the seat next to her body creating chance for me . heh, so i talked to her about what she thinks of *ahem and ahem* and being love gurus... ohhh and gah, i love chiding and teasing her as to whose tips will succeed~

dinner came, dinner seen, dinner eaten. she went to the toilet and i sneakily went to take her phone to call myself to get her number haha bad meXD  surprisingly she wasnt mad and hey she called me too ahaha, so cute~ should have picked up and replied "moshi moshi, isaac desu!" and afterwards, we walked around outside to ease our stomach plus give private time to ahem* aha, i was walking with leslie choo/ jopeschu? but my eyes were deviating to her...

guess what, her birthday was the next day aft dinner too!! yay, that presented me an opportunity to sms her and initiate a conversation that would lead to my happiness and my change of attitude of mugging and so on...

i love you, my girl. always will and never ends.

Monday, August 13, 2012


人生如此短暂,但人为何如此草率地过生活,什么都想得第一。是否曾想过偶尔让别人得第一,让自己停下来歇息,观赏一下四周,调好身子准备未来的冲刺 -- 因为退一步,海阔天空。


P.S. 华文有点烂 :(

Credits to cute girl that made me smile~ thanks :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My latest updates

Woops. Need to change my pullup count.

Heheh, improved by leaps and bounds (can do musclesup yay :) )<-- awkward double bracket lol.

Amazing new-rekindled friendship. Good job to me.

To the people that actually read this, thanks. IDK what to say; not good with words.

Ahhhhh *opens mouth*

Rainbow chickens bang!!!

Eeyore is cute.


Oh lucky LKY is alive~

Unicorns to ur left <-- (just kidding)



Friday, July 20, 2012


So its been looooooooooong since i posted. :O
But yea, life's been alright on me, aint a bed of roses nor is it sprinkled with sharp pins. block tests and a recent conversation with someone kinda jolted me to reality of promos - getting too close for comfort. I realize all my life i have never mugged for as long as 2 hours in a single session before (distractions and tiny attention span :P). GOSH!!

Oh well, better late than better. On a side note, I found my aspiration in life ^^ YAY! despite the perilous journey ahead, ill brave the stormy weathers, walk the harshest desert, cross the deepest sea, climb the steepest mountain to reach for U As(haha, U too mushy), reach for the possible, make my parents proud, make ME proud. Thinking about all the amazing stuff i could do in my future, I smile~

Schedules, training programmes, study sessions, break, family weekends, will all merge into beautiful rainbows someday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

SO its been long. haha, new blog interface cool ^^. life's been fun, ups and downs like a roller coaster ride. Just with pitstops for toilet breaks and meals.

This is me
I like hokkien mee
Im always happy
so come and talk to me :D

On a side note, my PT increased XD!! Jubilant much~ found myself doing the impossible muscle-ups recently. Nice that my daily training has not come to naught heehee. BTW HCBBALL WON CHAMPIONS!!! Super intense and exciting match OMG.

P.S. Some girl arh tsktsk. acting cute in my class...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hectic school life

Looks like i never updated my blog for a very long time. #badme

Well, BUMP!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everyday is fun fun fun.


Realised geminis really have alot in common. So much that im shocked. :O well, they say people with common interests talk better with one another. Guess it's true then... life has been fun for me. Everyday going to school skipping (literally) and greeting every teacher with a spring in my steps. Lessons for me either was too mundane or too funny. Econs is and will continue to be the wackiest lesson with such a weird teacher (MS LAWL). Maths is currently interesting with my Soham some teacher, GOSH! haha, his name is mr soham gosh. trololol. GP is just plain slack; Dr Ross just casually walks in 10 mins late every lesson cuz he has to visit the canteen and grab some food. Then the sciences are just oooo lala~~. Come to think of it, im not even sure i will ace econs and gp, given my slack yet fun teachers. aiyo must self study liao......

haha, if that's my life, what's yours? :D

P.S. Despicable me 2 teaser is GREAT!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi hi, im back.

Looks like my cbox tio spammed by random spambots. ARGHHHHHHHHH, k. Shall not laming around.
Life is all but a bed of thorns. Happy fun friends, querky civics tutor (LAWL, her name is Ms LAW). Ehehehe, shan't be so bad. Anw, i <3 my life. Finished my homework like a mugger No homework, no higher chinese lessons (hehe, good luck to those taking 4 hrs hcl periods), no "Go back home" time restraint, nope nope. Life is bliss. Apparently, I have physics lecture test tmr but ah scrap that cuz im super excellent at physics. Oh yea, here's a fun fact about me.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's day

Eh lo~

Long time since i posted. ehehehehe. today is 14/02/12, tuesdays, which is also valentine's day!! I was super excited ( first time celebrating in mixed gendder environment! 10 years of all-boys school :( ) So anyway, I bought roses for every girl in the class as a combined effort from the boys to celebrate. o.0 which I dun really know why the heck did we even do that??!!! I mean, its not even "whites" day ( issit spelt liddat? o.0 ) where we give gifts instead (hehe pun). Real funny...

Mundane lectures and tutorials as usual. Almost slept but resisted the urge to do so  for the sake of my straight As. Oh ya, and I did not take the "Single and available" cookies. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Shhhhhh!!! Shan't tell. The least I could share was that this year's zodiac predicted accurately for my love life.... -.0 not sure whether to be happy or not. Love or straight As. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BSC Blues


Its been super long since my previous post. No matter. To bring you up to date, I just came back from Beijing Satelite Campus with 74 other bosom friends. I can still vividly remember the first day we arrived at Beijing. Everyone was shivering due to the sheer coldness and I was no exception. The very next thing was introduction to our dorms, which went quite badly since I only knew 3 out of 6 of my room-mates (which in the end became fast friends vroom vroom). Anw, i vowed to myself secretly to just have fun and not get into trouble.

As the days went by, I knew more people. Crazy people, fun people, trolls, apes, monkeys etc. Even Dr Ang, who seemed ferocious and MAN, has a troll side and his laughter is wacky. Ms Ong also has a "deaf/ mute/ blind" side which she often display to us, hence the lack of people paying for 羊肉串. Ms Liu, ah. She is super "friendly" and that's all i can say. The rest is up to you to imagine... *Bwink bwink!!*

Snow. Another sensitive issue to bring up. Ha :) XD. We the lucky BSC peeps saw snow 3 times. It certainly left a deep imprint on my mind. Food, was great there - cheap yet delicious. A wide variety of food to choose from, woots!

Wow, I really dun know how to end off. Er... K. I <3 BSC 2011 Dec batch. ta~ ta~