Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BSC Blues


Its been super long since my previous post. No matter. To bring you up to date, I just came back from Beijing Satelite Campus with 74 other bosom friends. I can still vividly remember the first day we arrived at Beijing. Everyone was shivering due to the sheer coldness and I was no exception. The very next thing was introduction to our dorms, which went quite badly since I only knew 3 out of 6 of my room-mates (which in the end became fast friends vroom vroom). Anw, i vowed to myself secretly to just have fun and not get into trouble.

As the days went by, I knew more people. Crazy people, fun people, trolls, apes, monkeys etc. Even Dr Ang, who seemed ferocious and MAN, has a troll side and his laughter is wacky. Ms Ong also has a "deaf/ mute/ blind" side which she often display to us, hence the lack of people paying for 羊肉串. Ms Liu, ah. She is super "friendly" and that's all i can say. The rest is up to you to imagine... *Bwink bwink!!*

Snow. Another sensitive issue to bring up. Ha :) XD. We the lucky BSC peeps saw snow 3 times. It certainly left a deep imprint on my mind. Food, was great there - cheap yet delicious. A wide variety of food to choose from, woots!

Wow, I really dun know how to end off. Er... K. I <3 BSC 2011 Dec batch. ta~ ta~

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