Tuesday, March 19, 2013

am i a failure?

its been long since i wrote on this blog... kinda getting bored of these repetitive lifestyle - wake up, go school, study, eat, shit, sleep. Rinse and repeat until the experiment gives at least 3 consistent results, which in this case means at least 3 As for BT1. Honestly, given the amount of effort i put in, i dun see how am i going to fail (of course, assuming i studied smart). Sigh, one of these depressing life reflecting moments. Apart from a miserly 269 PSLE score, i have next to nothing to mark my accomplishments. No H3, no good musical background ( unless you count 2 months of basic guitar), barely average marks for J1, no looks, no skills at sports, no leadership position, and yet the ironic thing is i have no life too. Says alot when i have nothing to do yet i have no time to spare. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Trying to find out my positive traits somehow made it worse.
Best subject: Chem. but chem genii everywhere.
Best PT: Pull-ups. but look at NSmen everywhere.
Best musical talent: Sing/ Guitar. even so, my guitar pales in comparison to the likes of _______.
Best skill: Cleaning the house? Washing dishes?

To top it off, i have zero leadership positions and yet to zero national competition records. while people are out there shining brilliantly and excelling in both their CCA and studies, here i am rotting at home, barely even studying. Whats the point of studying so hard and not getting that A? Life is a paradox, really.

i hate this life, this non-chalent laidback style of living, this lack of self-improvement, this mess of being me. Society certainly deems me as a loser, but am i really so?