Friday, December 28, 2012

review of what ive done this holidays

haha, i spent the most productive holidays of my entire life.

i studied more than i played OMG HAHAHA. but that was partially due to the fact that i got bored of playing computer games tsktsk. funny how that seems to strike you when u reach adolescence.

never have i complained of playing computer games till im bored from sec 1 to sec 4, be it 15 hours of gaming non-stop or playing until my eyes turn red and explode . guess finally getting bored of playing computer games is the first step to adulthood OH NO.

apart from the sudden revelation, i actually finished chemistry jc2 sysllabus WOO. means, next yr chemistry is gonna be soo fun yipee XD

enough of that, i still haven done I&I but ah, what the heck man. ill screw it till a later date.

for now, lets just join in the festive spirits~~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


one trip to malaysia was sufficient enough for me to acquire many mini bumps all over my body, some even in uncanny places. amazing, i thought, how does a mosquito navigate through my shirt, fly through my pants and whatnots and successfully launch an attack on my pitiful body?

somehow, i secretly believe mosquitoes undergo SWAT training (haha get the irony?)

haha, continuing my theory of mosquitoes,  they are trained at a tender age of 2 weeks old to aim succulent meaty individuals/ cute innocent kids/ sweet people like me... . then, they are taught combat training, like avoiding the beatdown, silent creeping skills and noisy bzzzzz radar communication skills. every rainy season will be their promotion test, criteria is to be a sucker suck as much blood from us humans as possible and return unscathed. of course, only the brave and skilled make it back alive. tales passed down generations by generations of legendary mosquitoes who survived the great HW1 (human war 1) are famous within battalions of mosquitoes, inspiring them to be like their forefathers. should one day they die, they die a honorable death.

so how do they complete their tasks? firstly, they select their targets wisely, preferably young, fat, slow, cumbersome oafs (yes, an example would be dudley, refer to fat kid below)

for slightly picky mosquitoes, they even pick the type of blood they want to suck.

yeap, then they dive in at near ma(t)ch 3 speed, aiming for the best spot to penetrate the skin and into a thick juicy blood vessel.

and they suck (pun intended).

some of them even aim for difficult places, like *ahem* and *cough cough* (unsuitable for minors) just so to brag to other mosquitos

haha, this concludes my highly suspicious theory of mosquitoes. cheers~

Friday, December 14, 2012

in malaysia

sup, im in malaysia, at some ulu place but woots! got wifi so hi!!

ahahahaha, what a bliss to get away from hustling and bustling city life, where you can never stop to catch a breather nor appreciate the amazing beauty of wildlife and nature.

to nurture patience, to master endurance, to perfect excellence...

just go, seek nature's embraces people :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

first midnight cycling

i celebrated 1 dec by night cycling with my class dudes~

blah blah blah, fun

blah, sleepy

blah, tired

yes, i survived 7 hours

to sum up (literally), night + cycling + me + friends + parks = leg pain + ass pain + tiredness + sleepiness