Friday, December 28, 2012

review of what ive done this holidays

haha, i spent the most productive holidays of my entire life.

i studied more than i played OMG HAHAHA. but that was partially due to the fact that i got bored of playing computer games tsktsk. funny how that seems to strike you when u reach adolescence.

never have i complained of playing computer games till im bored from sec 1 to sec 4, be it 15 hours of gaming non-stop or playing until my eyes turn red and explode . guess finally getting bored of playing computer games is the first step to adulthood OH NO.

apart from the sudden revelation, i actually finished chemistry jc2 sysllabus WOO. means, next yr chemistry is gonna be soo fun yipee XD

enough of that, i still haven done I&I but ah, what the heck man. ill screw it till a later date.

for now, lets just join in the festive spirits~~

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