Wednesday, December 24, 2014


guess who got IPPT GOLD again.

pity there isn't a constant $200 everytime i get gold but rather ONLY A MISERABLE ONCE PER YEAR.
really MINDEF should give $200 per IPPT session so i get to farm money ahahahaha!!

on a side note, merry christmas people!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Updates on me/ rants

Haven really posted any updates on what where who i am doing now.
What: waiting to go OCS while attached to Aeromedical Centre to 'help out'
Where: as stated above, or 492 Airport Road <---

Many highlights these days, mainly socializing events organized by Aeromed personnel and COMMANDO CHALLENGE WOOOOOOO (yes, that was amazingly fun and hella of an experience but the medals stinks... :( dogtag. really?) Getting really unfit hahah, been lazy to follow my abs routine everyday getting flabs on ma tummy yo! but its okay hell workout twice a week has me shagged out totally so yeap. Life's exceedingly simple when you run; you dun think of anything except the scenery whizzing past, wind rushing across you and NO ONE to disturb you. You simply just run. One step at a time.

Cant say im not excited to start HAP (heat acclimatization programme) which brings me closer to the end of attachment to Aeromed and the start of OCS. And also leaving behind escort duties. FUCK SIA, fucking escort duties all throw to me, when you take leave, i cover. then you wan me to take extra duties also wtf fuck you man. You, Jethro Eng, avid smoker, deserve to die. Yes, im not afraid to type this out. You know yourself whether you involved personal issues during your arrangement of escort duties. You disgust me.

Oh well enough of the rant, time for some good music. Ft. Michael Learns to Rock.

MLTR - 25 Minutes

Friday, November 14, 2014


Some say life is like this, meeting someone you love then somehow you drift apart.
Or like this, meeting someone only once thus missing the opportunity to know the latter for the rest of your life.
Or even this, not meeting the fated one at all despite walking with the same aim in life.
Or if you are really unlucky, having the near chance to meet but no.
But as time goes by, you will definitely be...

a couple just like y=|x| and y=x, one who is willing to change to accommodate the other and finally walk hand in hand for the rest of your life.

P.S. many other graphs which are of relevance but I shan't intrigue you too much :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Newfound joy

Ta da~
Got addicted to this at australia.
Can only be found at Westmall sigh so far away from my house :( BUT ANYWAYS IF YOU WANNA PLAY WITH ME FEEL FREE TO JIO ME K!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Been awhile since I went back to school. Kinda nostalgic just sitting on the class bench playing cards again, with the same faces, the same play tactics, the same blaming of Derek's lousy card plays. Walking across the canteen made me look back at the happiness I once shared with the canteen uncle and aunties, all those cherished memories of me sharing my stories with them and vice versa. Their unyielding support and faith on me was greatly needed at that time and definitely appreciated forever. Thank you, really. For being there when I needed company, when the class is full of geniuses who does not need to study as hard as me, when they got good grades even though I put in equal effort (or believed so). For simply telling me "Ah boy ah, 你一定可以的!"

As I trudged my way towards the other wing (not really sure which is which anymore), memories of me walking across central plaza early before flag raising surfaced across my mind. Carrying my bag, listening and enjoying my songs. The bus journeys to and fro from my house to school. Wow, reminiscence. I miss such a carefree life.

The irony. 

To truly appreciate what has been lost. 

Recently watched Lucy and wanted to share what it taught me. How are we measuring our lives' worth and experience up till now? Are there any units of measurement? Oh, I have 5 inches of experience more than you? Time, an abstract concept, a unit of measuring seemingly minute things in life. Time is also something you breathe, you eat, you hear, you live everyday. In fact, therein lies the irony, we are so sure we have time, then when it's time to go, we realised we have no time. We do not feel nor experience the actual seconds ticking away, the hours draining by, the days passing by, the months flying by, the years gone by. In the blink of an eye, I am an adult now. Too fast, am I growing up too fast? Or was I too absorbed to feel time moving? 

Times like this, I do my soul-searching. Calm dark nights, with no one to disturb my thoughts, to let whatever comes to mind flow into words like freshwater stream.

To everyone reading, I dedicate this song to you, cherish time and your loved ones.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Still stuck in Singapore (thinking of you?)

The first few days was tough on me, the shattering of my heart when those words flew out from your mouth, like glass shards piercing through me. I walked home with heavy steps,drowning myself in this miserable mess with tears. Songs took on a whole new level of emotions; lyrics dawned on me, screaming out the anguish and hurt. But since it's genuine, of course it would hurt...

Took me awhile to get over you, but I don't want to lose you as a friend. Hopefully I'll be able to find some courage to start talking to you, catch up a bit about your university freshman life, but mainly just to keep in touch. If you are curious, I am studying diligently now, so you don't need to worry for me. Got IPPT Gold too, just yesterday only haha. Really had this urge to tell you of all people first, but I guess I was too timid, too shy, too afraid that you would not care. That your unintentional slow reply would make me feel I am annoying you. That you treat me less than what I want to. That I'm worth much much less than your friends.


Maybe it might be because you are afraid to commit, afraid that you will suffer the pain again, afraid the end is not the lovely church chimes you so endear but the incessant quarrels you so fear. Maybe your heart remains locked to me, or anyone else for that matter. I so hope time will erode your fears, heal your heart, and learn to trust someone else with your heart once again.

I am pathetic to voice it out through my blog, perhaps you will see it perhaps you don't. All I want to say is good luck for your studies, stay healthy and be happy.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Deep in thought

Painful, but ill survive.
Regretful, but i tried.
Sorrowful, but i was happy.

They say everyone was born with a incomplete heart. That they will spend the rest of their lives searching, yearning and pining for the other part which they lack. Some do, some just don't. Sometimes the missing half is plain in sight, a common part of your daily life, so common... that you missed it. Sometimes the missing half is five hundred miles across the distant seas, yet you are able to discover your other half, simply because of a miraculous encounter given by none other than fate itself.

Our missing half is analogous to a missing puzzle piece; our lives, an incomplete puzzle picture. As life progresses, we try many different pieces - some with weird edges, some with seemingly perfect ridges, others not so perfect but we are willing to try anyway... Many a times, we find ourselves being with a puzzle piece we thought perfect, compatible, fitting, only to be left down when we unmask our eyes to the truth. The truth that he or she simply do not fit, no matter how much we painstakingly try to force it to fit. Then when the truth sets in, we are in denial, we refuse to accept it, we try and try again only to face failure again and again. Sometimes we take days to accept it, sometimes months, some people easily, some people never. These many incomplete puzzle pictures will simply continue to be empty, searching and searching for that one puzzle piece, that one that will finally and faithfully fit in, into our lives, into our hearts.

Maybe you were the wrong puzzle piece, maybe i was the wrong puzzle piece; we will never know. But someday somehow, should our puzzle piece take on a new shape, will we try to fit it in again?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cool note I got from XWC







  说是这么说。但是就算是过去了10年20年你会忘记她 不在回忆!但是结果你不觉得还是惋惜!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Conquering the skies and the ocean

Past few days has been the most memorable time of my life. Well, if you noticed my photos on FB, then you would have already knew of the wacky shit I did. If not, here are the photos hahaha!!

Ride up the skies, where freedom beckons

Swag Puma heli

Gun, duh

So basically, I went on a aeroplane ride up the skies, with a superb view of Singapore. haha, not to mention that our pilot is a GEN(Ret) aka he knows lots of stories. pulled a few Gs, did neg G (for the layman to understand, its a roller coaster descend). Generally (AHAHA PUN) a well enjoyed day!

The subsequent day was spent dying at CMPB, when we decided to support our Navy counterparts by going to Vivo for lunch and a tour around RSS Providence Persistence. Kinda pulled strings to get onboard, given the fact that we were wearing our uniform which is somehow A**** clearance LOL. Took many photos, talked to high-flyers/big ranks (another pun, wow im getting better at this). Negotiated our way into the upper decks and motherboard, again the usefulness of being in NS. no, im kidding, one does not simply sit on a MRT seat even when the whole carriage is empty. Somehow, we are asked to be taken photos with too LOL, a great feeling knowing we are recognised and appreciated for our efforts.

Would have been an awesome end to my week had a fever not destroyed my chances of meeting her :(
oh well, get well soon, my dear!!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Someday when joanne liew happens to chance upon this, i just wanna say u are really blur sotong 95!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Just some thoughts

1 week of block leave. Spent it going out and on a holiday to bali. Must say i did not regret it.

People have really been taken over by technology, constantly peeking into one's phone just for an update or merely just flipping screens because they simply are too used to holding their phones. A simple observation when i went overseas with my friend - he was using his phone most of the time and not embracing the environment, absorbing the culture and observing the people. Perhaps people have became too accustomed to having their phones by their side, perhaps they forgot to stop and admire the environment, perhaps they do not care anymore.

Communications cut short, conversations cut abrupt, people drift away. I've tried to pull them back, away from their phones.

I failed.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last week to POP

Having mixed feelings about POP. Initially, I was looking forward to POP, which marks the end of torturous training and lashings from commanders. But now, the idea of having to separate from my buddies is terrible. These 8 weeks of bonding, sharing pain and happiness together is really something no one can ever take away from me nor them. I firmly believe any male who survived BMT will relate.

Writing this in the wee hours of Sunday, ill and sickly, Im glad to say I never once regretted sharing myself to 14 buddies of mine. My favourite SGT once said, " Never gain respect through fever fear, but rather by common respect". I do hope that SGT remembers me.

Time passes, people come and go. What matters are not hellos nor goodbyes, but the interaction between them. Enjoy the process and reap the end results.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Fuck my life.

Although I expected just as much, the pain of failing, not meeting up to standards was terrible. It was pain beyond pain. Numb was the word. Numb.

I feel stupid. Alone, as others rejoiced. Shunned out from everyone.

But the sun still shines, the moon still wanes, the waves still crash. Life goes on. I should go on. This is all but an obstacle life threw at me and I have to tell myself to face it like a man.

So, suck it up and carry on.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

random thought before i enlist

sup ppl! it will be awhile before i post anything again, cuz ns...

looking forward to it but honestly, the excitement of waiting to enlist is similar to that of you waiting for a plane flight to your holiday destination. new friends, new journey hahaha etc etc

random thought --- if we are gonna shave bald for ns, why dun they organize Hair for Hope before the usual enlistment period so that WE CAN SHAVE FOR A GOOD CAUSE?