Sunday, June 1, 2014

Conquering the skies and the ocean

Past few days has been the most memorable time of my life. Well, if you noticed my photos on FB, then you would have already knew of the wacky shit I did. If not, here are the photos hahaha!!

Ride up the skies, where freedom beckons

Swag Puma heli

Gun, duh

So basically, I went on a aeroplane ride up the skies, with a superb view of Singapore. haha, not to mention that our pilot is a GEN(Ret) aka he knows lots of stories. pulled a few Gs, did neg G (for the layman to understand, its a roller coaster descend). Generally (AHAHA PUN) a well enjoyed day!

The subsequent day was spent dying at CMPB, when we decided to support our Navy counterparts by going to Vivo for lunch and a tour around RSS Providence Persistence. Kinda pulled strings to get onboard, given the fact that we were wearing our uniform which is somehow A**** clearance LOL. Took many photos, talked to high-flyers/big ranks (another pun, wow im getting better at this). Negotiated our way into the upper decks and motherboard, again the usefulness of being in NS. no, im kidding, one does not simply sit on a MRT seat even when the whole carriage is empty. Somehow, we are asked to be taken photos with too LOL, a great feeling knowing we are recognised and appreciated for our efforts.

Would have been an awesome end to my week had a fever not destroyed my chances of meeting her :(
oh well, get well soon, my dear!!

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