Sunday, July 6, 2014

Deep in thought

Painful, but ill survive.
Regretful, but i tried.
Sorrowful, but i was happy.

They say everyone was born with a incomplete heart. That they will spend the rest of their lives searching, yearning and pining for the other part which they lack. Some do, some just don't. Sometimes the missing half is plain in sight, a common part of your daily life, so common... that you missed it. Sometimes the missing half is five hundred miles across the distant seas, yet you are able to discover your other half, simply because of a miraculous encounter given by none other than fate itself.

Our missing half is analogous to a missing puzzle piece; our lives, an incomplete puzzle picture. As life progresses, we try many different pieces - some with weird edges, some with seemingly perfect ridges, others not so perfect but we are willing to try anyway... Many a times, we find ourselves being with a puzzle piece we thought perfect, compatible, fitting, only to be left down when we unmask our eyes to the truth. The truth that he or she simply do not fit, no matter how much we painstakingly try to force it to fit. Then when the truth sets in, we are in denial, we refuse to accept it, we try and try again only to face failure again and again. Sometimes we take days to accept it, sometimes months, some people easily, some people never. These many incomplete puzzle pictures will simply continue to be empty, searching and searching for that one puzzle piece, that one that will finally and faithfully fit in, into our lives, into our hearts.

Maybe you were the wrong puzzle piece, maybe i was the wrong puzzle piece; we will never know. But someday somehow, should our puzzle piece take on a new shape, will we try to fit it in again?

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