Thursday, December 26, 2013

hongkong trip

went hongkong with family this dec. initially quite reluctant to go for this trip, wanted to stay at home and rot LOL. but somehow, i got excited at the night before the flight (must be my addiction to airplane flights; i love the process of flying, not just the start nor the end) why approach the start with just the end in mind when the middle is the most important? no?~

Day 1:
Arrived in one piece, safe and sound. really enjoyed the feeling of the bobbing up and down of the airplane, or in cheemer terms, the Turbulence throughout the flight. spent day one on a guided tour to victoria peak (if i remembered correctly), went to the wax museum. alot of wax figurines carefully modelled after the famous human replicas, nicholas tse, madonna, jackie chan, obama, u name it, they have it. also, went up to the peak, freaking cold wind blasting at my face. swear i was gonna turn into a ice figurine LOL.

Day 2:
Hmm, shit where did i go. OH, i went macau ahaha.
cool place, although there ARE alot of casinos, i cant find them. maybe cuz its in the morning, no visual confusing lights to pinpoint the casinos. saw the macau tower, an icon of regret since i really really wanted to bungee jump from the top but the guided tour spared only 15 mins here, so wtheck i cant jump... still quite pissed since i was looking forward ever once runningman members went there and i wanted to live their experience too.

Day 3:
Ocean park. no need for elaborate descriptions. basically just one hella fun day trying out all the wacky rides and admiring dolphins, penguins and arctic wolves. great day, and i saw pok hei O.o what a coincidence to find a fellow HC-ian in HK and in Ocean park. yea, and i found something quite sadistically hilarious. if the cable car up to the summit of the park breaks down or has daily maintenance, how do people fix them? AHAHA, TRY VISUALISING THE SCENARIO - GUY WALKING UP A MOUNTAIN WITH HIS TOOL BOX, SWEATING OCEANS IN OCEAN PARK!!

Day 4:
Went to see big Buddha temple at some mountain and some other stuff. quite a lame day. and i found out that the chicken there sucks.

Day 5:
The worst day ever. one whole day of shopping, swell ankles, and bored as hell. i swear to myself that ill never follow my gf to shopping, if i have one. let girls do their thang yo, we guys dun appreciate that.

pretty much sums up my trip. quite a few chio female students there, but older females generally alot of makeup and uglier, i suspect they grow older uglier, which is a tad unfortunate :(

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

post As


I definitely have alot of things to do and accomplish!! of course, i have to credit my teachers for their relentless guidance and patience in teaching me. indeed, without them, i would not have became what i am today. so thank you to all my chiobu and hunk teachers~~~~~~

1. Relearn my guitar skills
2. Roam Singapore
3. Read more novels
4. Find people to talk to


so anyway, i have two holidays planned out; one mid-dec, one start of jan.
really looking forward to escaping this sweltering heatstorm.

so tata for now~

Friday, October 4, 2013

probably the last post before alvls

wow, people say as alvls draw closer, they will feel more stressed. but hey, im not feeling the motivation. the inertia to study is so damn high... sigh, what to do???
i think what i need to do is get away from my house to actually study efficiently and effectively pftttt.
rant rant rant!!

why cant i just run away to some island and start up a coconut shop and dance salsa with hawaii clothes
but life goes on, alvls will still arrive, so will ns. no freedom, no choice, no life.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

hello again

its been awhile. too busy studying and getting my mind preoccupied with fanciful games.

hard to say what are my feelings now, but yes, i think im gradually getting over the fact that you are gone. i hate it that we are avoiding each other's gaze everytime we walk past each other, why cant we remain friends? sincerely hope this awkwardness can dissolve.

now that jc life is finally coming to an end, and alvls are dawning, i should probably start cherishing my time spent in school. really not looking forward to my career life with all the bullshit about office politics.

想回到過去 試著抱妳在懷裡
想看妳看的世界 想在妳夢的畫面

想回到過去 試著讓故事繼續
分散時間的注意 這次會抱得更緊

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


first time writing this in hci boarding school (if you get my pun for this post title!!). life in here quite cool; no parents, no distraction, just homework and piles of revision books to do. woohoo, mundane but necessary. sigh, alvls.

and the daunting challenge of achieving straight As for alvls begins.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


pw results out. and so are the masks of people. Behind those beautifully crafted masks lie hideous faces of lies and deception. Though i may not be assured the statement above applies to all, but it certainly encapsulates the real identities of some. The pushing of blame, the weeping and cursing of the pw teachers et cetera. Although i must agree ms ___ did a relatively bad job, the best we can do to redeem ourselves of that A is perhaps just cajole her and correct our pw into whatever she wants, then hope for the best. i dun really think its a matter of beating the bell curve, but rather the "sucking-up" of ur pw teacher as she/he grades it anw. sigh, i really feel sad for those who dun deserve their nasty blob of B on their result slip; they really should get their A...

well, life works this way.


just like how i studied so hard and still managed to screw up math and chem. hopefully physics and econs brings me back up or i really have no motivation to strive harder anymore. painful hours dedicated into truly devoted studying, and it all goes to naught. sigh...

life is unfair.

suck it up.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

am i a failure?

its been long since i wrote on this blog... kinda getting bored of these repetitive lifestyle - wake up, go school, study, eat, shit, sleep. Rinse and repeat until the experiment gives at least 3 consistent results, which in this case means at least 3 As for BT1. Honestly, given the amount of effort i put in, i dun see how am i going to fail (of course, assuming i studied smart). Sigh, one of these depressing life reflecting moments. Apart from a miserly 269 PSLE score, i have next to nothing to mark my accomplishments. No H3, no good musical background ( unless you count 2 months of basic guitar), barely average marks for J1, no looks, no skills at sports, no leadership position, and yet the ironic thing is i have no life too. Says alot when i have nothing to do yet i have no time to spare. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Trying to find out my positive traits somehow made it worse.
Best subject: Chem. but chem genii everywhere.
Best PT: Pull-ups. but look at NSmen everywhere.
Best musical talent: Sing/ Guitar. even so, my guitar pales in comparison to the likes of _______.
Best skill: Cleaning the house? Washing dishes?

To top it off, i have zero leadership positions and yet to zero national competition records. while people are out there shining brilliantly and excelling in both their CCA and studies, here i am rotting at home, barely even studying. Whats the point of studying so hard and not getting that A? Life is a paradox, really.

i hate this life, this non-chalent laidback style of living, this lack of self-improvement, this mess of being me. Society certainly deems me as a loser, but am i really so?

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Guess i need to study liao omg. the reality of alvls setting in... as every dawn of a brand new day brings me closer and closer to the start of alvls. walao, srsly. screw the education system man. only give people stress. )_*!@$*$#!@_$*#_$!@$#! -insert any appropriate swear words you can imagine-

alright, enough rant. life goes on, i shall take every shit life throws at me (except dung, ill definitely dodge dung... or any life threatening objects for that matter. like bullets) meanwhile, stay spirited guys/gals. smile every thursday assembly haha, for im up on the bridge watching O.O hehe

Sunday, January 20, 2013

girls vs boys

talking to girls these days made me realise something more they possess than us that is essential in life - maturity. comparing the train of thoughts between a girl and a boy at a certain age, ceteris paribus, a girl will tend to delve into the future, of what she wanna do, what she wanna aspire to be, where she wanna go; in short, how she wanna live her life whereas for a guy, he will tend to think more superficially, like "wow, hot girl" or "hey, great PC game coming out"; in short, living the present with little or zero thoughts for the future. Of course, this poses benefits and disadvantages for both genders. girls will over-complicate things and speculate overly much, resulting in usual deceptive smiles but hiding clouds of nasty intentions. guys will keep things simple, lashing out instantly at one another over things they are unhappy with and patching up as better individuals simply because brotherhood is hard to come by and mutual honesty is gold.

well, i do not know much about what goes through girls' minds all the time, but i dare say i do know some based on my well-judged observations time to time with carefully engineered actions and words (ahah, sorry girls, experiment sometimes) hehe, dun blame me, im really interested in discovering people's traits and personality through nitty gritty things that appear to be nothing, but is in fact a tell-tale sign of ur habits which in turn determine u as a person. woohoo, abstract much :)

okok, shant bore u guys/ girls with my nuggets of wisdom anymore. ta ta~

Friday, January 11, 2013

funny things i read up

The short fortuneteller who escaped from prison was a short medium at large.

When a clock is hungry, it goes back four (for) seconds.

A chicken crossing the road is poultry (poetry) in motion.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

What's the definition of a will?
It's a dead giveaway.

Friday, January 4, 2013

pre-haircut reading

was reading lianhezaobao before my haircut, and then i realised actually it ain't that bad to read leisurely. came across some wickedly cool articles about life. wow!

summarised version as below: