Sunday, January 20, 2013

girls vs boys

talking to girls these days made me realise something more they possess than us that is essential in life - maturity. comparing the train of thoughts between a girl and a boy at a certain age, ceteris paribus, a girl will tend to delve into the future, of what she wanna do, what she wanna aspire to be, where she wanna go; in short, how she wanna live her life whereas for a guy, he will tend to think more superficially, like "wow, hot girl" or "hey, great PC game coming out"; in short, living the present with little or zero thoughts for the future. Of course, this poses benefits and disadvantages for both genders. girls will over-complicate things and speculate overly much, resulting in usual deceptive smiles but hiding clouds of nasty intentions. guys will keep things simple, lashing out instantly at one another over things they are unhappy with and patching up as better individuals simply because brotherhood is hard to come by and mutual honesty is gold.

well, i do not know much about what goes through girls' minds all the time, but i dare say i do know some based on my well-judged observations time to time with carefully engineered actions and words (ahah, sorry girls, experiment sometimes) hehe, dun blame me, im really interested in discovering people's traits and personality through nitty gritty things that appear to be nothing, but is in fact a tell-tale sign of ur habits which in turn determine u as a person. woohoo, abstract much :)

okok, shant bore u guys/ girls with my nuggets of wisdom anymore. ta ta~

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