Friday, April 22, 2011

yo, peeps. im back. climbed  bukit timah hill today with mr ng kai cong. it was his damn idea of "having fun".
but yea, i was having fun though. *slaps myself* shouldn't have typed that LOL Pun.
 (striked out the typed meaning its not meant to be typed, BUT IT DID) wait, did i blow your mind away?

climbed up the mountain, went to the rock path twice at kai cong's insistence. random "wtf man"s and "damn!" by yours truly and of course, mr NG. haha, the rocks were so steep they are hardcore (another pun).
did L-seat on the parallel bar to admire my abs and obliques which i have yay! did pullups too... though very little (15). lol little=15... blame it on snr solomon...
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woots, a long post people. ending off, im gonna add a pull-up box at the side to keep check.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a new post after quite awhile. not a very frequent blogger.
Eating bak kut teh tonight, damn the spicyness. really looking forward to good friday. actually, everyone likes loves it, so it should be called "Great Friday".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hi, peeps.

Under intense pressure, I finally created a Neopets account. My childhood memories just came back to me *bang* remember my first neopets account, how i used to sit there playing neoquest (im lvl 35 man) then got deactivated by neopets... Tsk!

Screwed up maths test, my brain finally ticks the check-box of "Maths failure". Really need to go study with pro maths dudes (KokXL or LeeCH??) Got my second demerit point after 2.5 years :( Not my fault really. Let me explain my anguish.

It was a normal average day with a sun in the sky. After my daily ritual of fondling the KKH pullup bar, fish and co. me and friends went to the terraces to prepare for national anthem. So apparently, I was at the terraces but not at my class. And on the bright side, my form teacher WongHSai did not see me and marked my attendance as late. That, im sad to say, was my first demerit point for being late, thus breaking my 16 years of punctuality streak...

Gawd, felt better after the rant. Cheer up, me.
Gonna work my body now. Tata~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today was quite boring. except for me doing physics ace and surfing web, its not much.

Just finished checking the most number of pull-ups done in 1min/30mins/1hr/6hrs/12hrs/24hrs. Legit and official from the Guinness World Records. Felt very motivated to be 1st in doing most number of pullups in Singapore. cuz im 1st in my part alr. keith got blown away by my proness. Yes, i think im gonna make a promise to all of you guys/ gals out there. I must be able to do 20 pullups by this month, April 2011 and by this year do at least 3 muscle-ups. Big shoulder muscles, here i come!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


LOL hi, welcome to my blog.
"Are you ready kids?" "Aye aye,captain!" "I can't hear you!" "AYE AYE, captain!"

*Skips randomness*
So today was an inspiring day. The sun was bright and the chickens roosters are clucking.
Went to school on 852, slept during IHC lesson (nancytay said i was snoring which i obviously did not due to me being a chicken and can only cluck).
Recess = more sleep time behind the class.
Chinese lesson, almost slept but i resisted the Z monsters muah hahaha.
--> Z monster here

Then was ac11. abit sian of the song but must 忍... ...
Wished ulric teo happy birthday on facebook, which resulted in me being lame again.

Yah. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

P.S. there are 23es for the word "bye"