Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today was quite boring. except for me doing physics ace and surfing web, its not much.

Just finished checking the most number of pull-ups done in 1min/30mins/1hr/6hrs/12hrs/24hrs. Legit and official from the Guinness World Records. Felt very motivated to be 1st in doing most number of pullups in Singapore. cuz im 1st in my part alr. keith got blown away by my proness. Yes, i think im gonna make a promise to all of you guys/ gals out there. I must be able to do 20 pullups by this month, April 2011 and by this year do at least 3 muscle-ups. Big shoulder muscles, here i come!!!


  1. You didn't tell me that you have a blog! :O


    And congrats about the pull ups.

    You're on your way to major hotness.