Friday, April 22, 2011

yo, peeps. im back. climbed  bukit timah hill today with mr ng kai cong. it was his damn idea of "having fun".
but yea, i was having fun though. *slaps myself* shouldn't have typed that LOL Pun.
 (striked out the typed meaning its not meant to be typed, BUT IT DID) wait, did i blow your mind away?

climbed up the mountain, went to the rock path twice at kai cong's insistence. random "wtf man"s and "damn!" by yours truly and of course, mr NG. haha, the rocks were so steep they are hardcore (another pun).
did L-seat on the parallel bar to admire my abs and obliques which i have yay! did pullups too... though very little (15). lol little=15... blame it on snr solomon...
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woots, a long post people. ending off, im gonna add a pull-up box at the side to keep check.

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