Thursday, December 26, 2013

hongkong trip

went hongkong with family this dec. initially quite reluctant to go for this trip, wanted to stay at home and rot LOL. but somehow, i got excited at the night before the flight (must be my addiction to airplane flights; i love the process of flying, not just the start nor the end) why approach the start with just the end in mind when the middle is the most important? no?~

Day 1:
Arrived in one piece, safe and sound. really enjoyed the feeling of the bobbing up and down of the airplane, or in cheemer terms, the Turbulence throughout the flight. spent day one on a guided tour to victoria peak (if i remembered correctly), went to the wax museum. alot of wax figurines carefully modelled after the famous human replicas, nicholas tse, madonna, jackie chan, obama, u name it, they have it. also, went up to the peak, freaking cold wind blasting at my face. swear i was gonna turn into a ice figurine LOL.

Day 2:
Hmm, shit where did i go. OH, i went macau ahaha.
cool place, although there ARE alot of casinos, i cant find them. maybe cuz its in the morning, no visual confusing lights to pinpoint the casinos. saw the macau tower, an icon of regret since i really really wanted to bungee jump from the top but the guided tour spared only 15 mins here, so wtheck i cant jump... still quite pissed since i was looking forward ever once runningman members went there and i wanted to live their experience too.

Day 3:
Ocean park. no need for elaborate descriptions. basically just one hella fun day trying out all the wacky rides and admiring dolphins, penguins and arctic wolves. great day, and i saw pok hei O.o what a coincidence to find a fellow HC-ian in HK and in Ocean park. yea, and i found something quite sadistically hilarious. if the cable car up to the summit of the park breaks down or has daily maintenance, how do people fix them? AHAHA, TRY VISUALISING THE SCENARIO - GUY WALKING UP A MOUNTAIN WITH HIS TOOL BOX, SWEATING OCEANS IN OCEAN PARK!!

Day 4:
Went to see big Buddha temple at some mountain and some other stuff. quite a lame day. and i found out that the chicken there sucks.

Day 5:
The worst day ever. one whole day of shopping, swell ankles, and bored as hell. i swear to myself that ill never follow my gf to shopping, if i have one. let girls do their thang yo, we guys dun appreciate that.

pretty much sums up my trip. quite a few chio female students there, but older females generally alot of makeup and uglier, i suspect they grow older uglier, which is a tad unfortunate :(


  1. LOL, i dont know whether you've heard this before, but once yahoo posted that a guy jumped down after following his gf for a 5-hour shopping trip, which was really hilarious to me. XD my friend went to korea and she told me that little kids as young as 4-5 years old wear make up :( They look down on people without make up. To them,that means that you are so poor that you couldn't afford make up products. :(((

  2. yeap, saw that news article. dying over that aint worth it ha!