Saturday, April 13, 2013


pw results out. and so are the masks of people. Behind those beautifully crafted masks lie hideous faces of lies and deception. Though i may not be assured the statement above applies to all, but it certainly encapsulates the real identities of some. The pushing of blame, the weeping and cursing of the pw teachers et cetera. Although i must agree ms ___ did a relatively bad job, the best we can do to redeem ourselves of that A is perhaps just cajole her and correct our pw into whatever she wants, then hope for the best. i dun really think its a matter of beating the bell curve, but rather the "sucking-up" of ur pw teacher as she/he grades it anw. sigh, i really feel sad for those who dun deserve their nasty blob of B on their result slip; they really should get their A...

well, life works this way.


just like how i studied so hard and still managed to screw up math and chem. hopefully physics and econs brings me back up or i really have no motivation to strive harder anymore. painful hours dedicated into truly devoted studying, and it all goes to naught. sigh...

life is unfair.

suck it up.

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