Saturday, July 6, 2013

hello again

its been awhile. too busy studying and getting my mind preoccupied with fanciful games.

hard to say what are my feelings now, but yes, i think im gradually getting over the fact that you are gone. i hate it that we are avoiding each other's gaze everytime we walk past each other, why cant we remain friends? sincerely hope this awkwardness can dissolve.

now that jc life is finally coming to an end, and alvls are dawning, i should probably start cherishing my time spent in school. really not looking forward to my career life with all the bullshit about office politics.

想回到過去 試著抱妳在懷裡
想看妳看的世界 想在妳夢的畫面

想回到過去 試著讓故事繼續
分散時間的注意 這次會抱得更緊

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