Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Updates on me/ rants

Haven really posted any updates on what where who i am doing now.
What: waiting to go OCS while attached to Aeromedical Centre to 'help out'
Where: as stated above, or 492 Airport Road <---

Many highlights these days, mainly socializing events organized by Aeromed personnel and COMMANDO CHALLENGE WOOOOOOO (yes, that was amazingly fun and hella of an experience but the medals stinks... :( dogtag. really?) Getting really unfit hahah, been lazy to follow my abs routine everyday getting flabs on ma tummy yo! but its okay hell workout twice a week has me shagged out totally so yeap. Life's exceedingly simple when you run; you dun think of anything except the scenery whizzing past, wind rushing across you and NO ONE to disturb you. You simply just run. One step at a time.

Cant say im not excited to start HAP (heat acclimatization programme) which brings me closer to the end of attachment to Aeromed and the start of OCS. And also leaving behind escort duties. FUCK SIA, fucking escort duties all throw to me, when you take leave, i cover. then you wan me to take extra duties also wtf fuck you man. You, Jethro Eng, avid smoker, deserve to die. Yes, im not afraid to type this out. You know yourself whether you involved personal issues during your arrangement of escort duties. You disgust me.

Oh well enough of the rant, time for some good music. Ft. Michael Learns to Rock.

MLTR - 25 Minutes

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