Saturday, August 30, 2014


Been awhile since I went back to school. Kinda nostalgic just sitting on the class bench playing cards again, with the same faces, the same play tactics, the same blaming of Derek's lousy card plays. Walking across the canteen made me look back at the happiness I once shared with the canteen uncle and aunties, all those cherished memories of me sharing my stories with them and vice versa. Their unyielding support and faith on me was greatly needed at that time and definitely appreciated forever. Thank you, really. For being there when I needed company, when the class is full of geniuses who does not need to study as hard as me, when they got good grades even though I put in equal effort (or believed so). For simply telling me "Ah boy ah, 你一定可以的!"

As I trudged my way towards the other wing (not really sure which is which anymore), memories of me walking across central plaza early before flag raising surfaced across my mind. Carrying my bag, listening and enjoying my songs. The bus journeys to and fro from my house to school. Wow, reminiscence. I miss such a carefree life.

The irony. 

To truly appreciate what has been lost. 

Recently watched Lucy and wanted to share what it taught me. How are we measuring our lives' worth and experience up till now? Are there any units of measurement? Oh, I have 5 inches of experience more than you? Time, an abstract concept, a unit of measuring seemingly minute things in life. Time is also something you breathe, you eat, you hear, you live everyday. In fact, therein lies the irony, we are so sure we have time, then when it's time to go, we realised we have no time. We do not feel nor experience the actual seconds ticking away, the hours draining by, the days passing by, the months flying by, the years gone by. In the blink of an eye, I am an adult now. Too fast, am I growing up too fast? Or was I too absorbed to feel time moving? 

Times like this, I do my soul-searching. Calm dark nights, with no one to disturb my thoughts, to let whatever comes to mind flow into words like freshwater stream.

To everyone reading, I dedicate this song to you, cherish time and your loved ones.

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