Monday, October 8, 2012

Im happy

I have someone in my heart now :) and i love it~

time flies so fast when im with her and she never fails to motivate me for everything and anything. sometimes i just smile out of nowhere, thinking how lucky i am to meet her and how will i ever find other girl as perfect as her? yes, so i told myself, i should not be giving up a chance and let her slip by. and so i did.

i started to do things that bettered my chances in her noticing me, walked a certain path every morning smiling sweetly should she turn to look at me, visited my nccmates at their bench hoping to catch a glimpse of her and finally i got the chance.

it was a class dinner invite from (---) and i agreed, thinking "why not? more people to talk to" and so i went. lol presto, she was there too, waiting for the rest of class invitees to gather. yes, i grinned to myself and my heart swelled. awww, that simple hi to me, a stranger, was oh ever so pleasant~

we walked down towards the mrt, asking around for suggestions to places for dinner and of course, i was oblivious to everything, merely trying to start a conversation with her albeit a bad one given i talked about her rumour (shouldnt have done that)  well, at least we had a conversation :)

finally settled down at the dinner place and i found my butt landing itself to the seat next to her body creating chance for me . heh, so i talked to her about what she thinks of *ahem and ahem* and being love gurus... ohhh and gah, i love chiding and teasing her as to whose tips will succeed~

dinner came, dinner seen, dinner eaten. she went to the toilet and i sneakily went to take her phone to call myself to get her number haha bad meXD  surprisingly she wasnt mad and hey she called me too ahaha, so cute~ should have picked up and replied "moshi moshi, isaac desu!" and afterwards, we walked around outside to ease our stomach plus give private time to ahem* aha, i was walking with leslie choo/ jopeschu? but my eyes were deviating to her...

guess what, her birthday was the next day aft dinner too!! yay, that presented me an opportunity to sms her and initiate a conversation that would lead to my happiness and my change of attitude of mugging and so on...

i love you, my girl. always will and never ends.

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