Monday, October 15, 2012

why guys have PMS too

Dear girls,
 we guys have personal mood swings (PMS) too. when we see you complimenting a stranger partnered to you, we get jealous. when we want to be in a same group as you but you get paired to another guy, yes we get jealous too. when we ignore you, we are pretending and in fact want you to care, want you to initiate and want you to tease us for our childishness. and we love it alright. what you girls love, we guys love it too.

guys love attentive girls.

guys love sensitive girls.

guys love understanding girls.

guys love shy girls that aren't afraid to initiate when she feels something is wrong with her guy.

 we guys are always there at girls' beck and call; but girls, when they are busy, they ignore and dun bother to inform guys, leaving us clueless puzzled - waiting...

some guys take a short time to get angry, some longer, some very very long, but at some point in time, we will. and we want girls to know. yes you girls, appreciate us alright.

Yours sincerely,

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