Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everyday is fun fun fun.


Realised geminis really have alot in common. So much that im shocked. :O well, they say people with common interests talk better with one another. Guess it's true then... life has been fun for me. Everyday going to school skipping (literally) and greeting every teacher with a spring in my steps. Lessons for me either was too mundane or too funny. Econs is and will continue to be the wackiest lesson with such a weird teacher (MS LAWL). Maths is currently interesting with my Soham some teacher, GOSH! haha, his name is mr soham gosh. trololol. GP is just plain slack; Dr Ross just casually walks in 10 mins late every lesson cuz he has to visit the canteen and grab some food. Then the sciences are just oooo lala~~. Come to think of it, im not even sure i will ace econs and gp, given my slack yet fun teachers. aiyo must self study liao......

haha, if that's my life, what's yours? :D

P.S. Despicable me 2 teaser is GREAT!!!

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