Friday, July 20, 2012


So its been looooooooooong since i posted. :O
But yea, life's been alright on me, aint a bed of roses nor is it sprinkled with sharp pins. block tests and a recent conversation with someone kinda jolted me to reality of promos - getting too close for comfort. I realize all my life i have never mugged for as long as 2 hours in a single session before (distractions and tiny attention span :P). GOSH!!

Oh well, better late than better. On a side note, I found my aspiration in life ^^ YAY! despite the perilous journey ahead, ill brave the stormy weathers, walk the harshest desert, cross the deepest sea, climb the steepest mountain to reach for U As(haha, U too mushy), reach for the possible, make my parents proud, make ME proud. Thinking about all the amazing stuff i could do in my future, I smile~

Schedules, training programmes, study sessions, break, family weekends, will all merge into beautiful rainbows someday.

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