Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The scariest person in the world

The scariest person in the world isn't a killer nor murderer. They kill with motive. Randomness eventually points to a pattern, a behaviour or even merely a single fleeting thought that incited the killing. However, they are simply a subset of a group that compasses the bigger picture.

The scariest person isn't a terrorist. They, like any other ordinary human being first born in to this world, are void of any influences. Like pieces of white paper, colours are added onto their papers; black, blue, red, green etc. Some people say black stains the papers while the other colours beautify them. I chose to believe black is just any other colour; it's equally beautiful in its own rights. Who is to say that in the eye's of a terrorist, a rosy world should be a world of colour? Perceptions and impressions are different for everyone; they change with external influences, pivoting their mind towards what we perceive as a dangerous mind. With their abnormal minds, they are indeed scary but they aren't what we should be ultimately looking out for.

In fact, the very reason we produce certain actions in response to certain behaviours, is because of our thoughts. We shouldn't be scared of killers; they are everywhere and will pop out anytime. Blame it on karma, or ill-fatedness but chances are we will likely grow old and pass away. We shouldn't be scared of terrorists; they are rare occurrences and whilst their presences result in drastic consequences, as above mentioned, what are the odds of us being close by? We can say what about those victims that perished then? I'd simply say what if we aren't.

All these people are variables in our lives; there is only one constant. Think about it, who will always be there for us, truly, no matter what where why or how.

Ourselves. That's who we should be scared of. Many a times we turn a blind eye to reason, we refuse logic, we abolish the truth from our minds. We seek ignorance, for knowing that not knowing is "beneficial" for us. We hence believe the world is idealistic, that things come our way, we can simply accept what we like and throw out what we don't like; the mind is our filter, we embraces the warmth of lies, deceit and fairy tales, only to slowly burn to death.

And that's why I chose the cold.

It keeps me alive.

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