Monday, December 19, 2016

Johor Bahru!

I have finally went to JB to explore (virgin experience so pardon the lack of excitement in the activities).

Met up with her at 9am, but she her bus was late. Took bus 9XX (? questionable number because I forgot BUT BASICALLY most buses tend to reach the woodlands checkpoint)

Because I'm nice this way.
Customs was a bitch, both from the Singapore and Malaysia side as it was a Saturday morning DING DING NO SURPRISES THERE!  
Estimated waiting time: 2 hours.

First foot into City Square Mall at 11.30am, by which we were famished - "I could eat a bull right now (Choa, 2016)". Had brunch at Dragon-i, ordered a decent amount of food.
Brunch: RM70

Walked around the shops for awhile. I wanted to visit the Angry Bird theme park hence we left for Komtar JBCC (just beside City Square Mall). The red angry bird was dancing in front of the entrance so cute. Did not enter in the end as I thought it was for little tods. She suggested visiting Daiso RM5.30 correct as of 17 Dec 16 (legend has it that the Daiso in Malaysia always change their name according to the exchange rate so sometimes it may be Daiso RM5.75 or Daiso RM5.10). We probably looked like idiots fishing with a wooden stick; playing around at Daiso before buying a SUPER SOUR lemon drink. EDIT: uploaded photo of the bomb!
The bomb (literally)

Lemon Bomb: RM5.30

Survived drinking a sip of it (she makes it look so easy drinking this monster...). Went to another shop which has no impressionable products; the only reason I remembered it because I DID NOT KNOW A TESTER PRODUCT WAS MASCARA AND MASCARA WAS IN LIQUID FORM.
Learn from my mistake guys...
What happened was I pulled out the cap and whooosh the brush came out. I hurriedly checked my white pants and phew, there was not any stain but LO AND BEHOLD! There was a black stroke across the end of her beige pants (sorry again hehe :P). This cascaded into an adventure of seeking makeup removal where the highlight was us going into Sephora and throwing everything that remotely resembled makeup removal onto the stain mark.

After that mini guest starring on the episode of Dora the explorer, we decided to catch a movie at 2pm.

I thought the movie was alright, although her impression of the movie tended towards the negative scale. Plot was not really well thought-out and ending seemed abit rushed.
Movies for two: RM36

 It's time for some cafe-hopping to find a decent cafe to chill. Found Sangkaya which sold Thai coconut ice cream. Ordered the signature ice cream which comes with 4 scoops - original, Thai tea, matcha and chocolate.
Her verdict: Matcha, Thai tea, chocolate and lastly original
Mine: Everything was good?!
A tad under-exposed OOPS
4xIce cream scoops: RM10

It started raining when we finished our ice-cream so we had to hide under a small umbrella and dance jump around avoiding water puddles back to City Square Mall. Went to get sunblock at fake Watsons Guardian because #cheapcheap #thingssingaporeansdoinmalaysia #buyfirstthinklater.

Had a 3 hour K session which included a buffet (quite limited options with below average food BUT WOW SUCH CHEAPNESS MANY SAVINGS MUCH VALUE FOR MONEY).
K session: RM55 per pax
Buffet add-on: RM10 per pax

Walked around more before finally heading back to Singapore. Found a cute exhibit where we spent quite some time pondering a good angle to take this shot.
I told her I should have sneakily removed the barrier and possibly get caught by security
Customs was nice to us this time.
Estimated waiting time: 0.5 hours 

Looking forward to more adventures with her.
Fun and laughter: Priceless

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