Thursday, September 22, 2016


I've been unable to concentrate on studies during this holiday. FML. I realised that if I am given too short of a holiday, I wouldn't be able to study because it's too little time. Then again, if the holiday is too long, I'll tend to procrastinate and dilly dally till near the end of the holiday. Hence begets the question - what is the right length of holiday period for me? Honestly, I do not know. I haven't been the most studious of a student in my secondary education period and this is my first holiday break I had from studies since eons ago. My central idea was to study consistently in university and I did reasonably well, although memory retention is another thing.

Another thing I realised about myself is I study better outside, say at the void deck or at public libraries. The ideal study group size for me is 2 or 3; anymore would just be a crowd. I really cannot function well at home with all the distractions and noise. Sighpie, WHYYYY?!

Today is one of those days where being single hits me in the feels again. I will just have to keep telling myself studying is priority and blame the horrible zodiac prediction.

Wealth: 3/3
Love: 1/3

... oh well, I'm contented to keep picking up money from the floor then :)

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