Sunday, August 7, 2016

Starting my journey in NUS; goodbye to my NSmates

School is starting in a few hours time although I kept my Monday free from lessons LOL.

A lot happened in the past few weeks, from having a blast with Shawn at Legoland to receiving news of NUS cancelling all camps to my last day at work and so on...

1. Legoland with my crazy bishan-mate Shawn da man!

Impromptu gay bro outing with Shawn! We headed off to Jurong East bus interchange then took bus CW3 (don't ask me why the funny numbers) towards Tuas 2nd Link, transferred to bus CW7L where we alighted right at Legoland Malaysia!  

Total time from Bishan to Legoland - 2hrs 30mins!! WOW
Hello Legoland~

Weather forecasted rain, but I guessed my killer smile was too bright :P
We bought tickets to both waterpark and themepark -EDIT: I strongly advise not to go to the waterpark if you've been to adventure cove.-

Almost forgot to change into our wet attire when depositing our bags at the themepark, and realised we CAN ACTUALLY DEPOSIT OUR BAGS AT THE WATERPARK SECTION. Went to the waterpark section only to make the same mistake again (forgetting to change into our wet attire shawn my PS wtf happened to forceprep). Spent the most amount of time not at any super fun water station but at the Build-a-Boat.

That's right, building a Lego structure beats all water activities #childhood
We proceeded to knock out all the competition DIE LITTLE KIDS, but alas our hunger got the better of us so we left dejectedly towards the mall across Legoland for some unhealthy Colonel Sanders.

Total time in Waterpark - 3hrs

After ingesting all those fats chicken wings, we headed to the main event LEGOLAND!!

Malaysia Police doing an excellent job as usual
We took a spin at every cool ride. Memorable ones include:
- TECHNIC Twisters <- it's basically Spinning Teacups on insane mode
- LEGO MINDSTORMS <- we did not expect controlling robot Emmet to do crazy shit was so fun but yes 11/10 for pure crazy retardedness
- Conquer the Dragon by Maybank <- had to insert "by Maybank cuz they sponsored the ride" Shawn and I had an interesting discussion about the ride being 80% complete with zero funding left and Maybank coming to the rescue to sponsor it all and hence they had to suck Maybank's cock so hard.
- Ninjago Live Show <- another unexpected amazing performance by puppeteers so do support them!

Hmm nothing else I remembered to be fun but we shall see...

Took a cab to our hotel which is situated near Hello Kitty town and beside an awesome harbour view!!
I strongly recommend Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, affordable prices with amazingly fluffy bed and marshmallow pillows~ mm simply heavenly. Had Jap cuisine and beer after dinner, totally abusing the MYR to SGD ratio HAHAHA. We checked out the following day and went back home.

Gay af, but idc

Total time spent having fun - 29hrs

2. NUS cancellation of Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC not free of charge)

Came back from my overseas fun to the shocking news of orientation camp being cancelled due to public outcry. I believe what is needed to be said has been said so I shan't mention further. We, the OGLs and S house councilors, decided to have a get-together either way to foster bonds among the new freshies and seniors. I'm really thankful for all the support S1 has given me because frankly speaking, it was tough as an AOGL and I wouldn't have managed without my councilors and seniors. Thanks <3
Thanks to the very spontaneous group of S1 freshies too for attending whatever events S house planned for and supporting Arts RAG!

Great sunny day out at Marina Barrage
3. Dedication to people in my NS life

It's been a lovely year in 8 SIR, especially so in Eastern Sector. Shout out to my OC and CSM, cadres, region clerks, PSes and fellow officers! Continue to excel in whatever you do, and put in your 110% even if no one is watching you. I have faith that everyone of you will grow from your NS cycle as I did, JIAYOU :)

This burden here had to request for a photo together before my promotion to LTA
4. See you, because it's not goodbye

To that special someone 1149km away, I'm sorry for leaving you. I was too casual with my promises, I took your heart even before I confirmed my feelings and I left you shattered and broken. You were the right girl for me| I am deeply sure you were, but it was the wrong place and wrong time.

"The time may not
             be prime for us,
            though you are
              a special person.
We may be just
                   two different clocks
            that do not tock
   in unison."
                             - Lang Leav

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