Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Post university camp feels

I applied for Arts Camp, succumbing to peer pressure on NUS FASS open house, not knowing if I made the right decision or if I would later regret it. As the countdown timer decreases, I grew edgier; I had another camp I was interested in signing up for, but the question is "Should I? I have no one to go with, will I be brave?" I told myself, why not? Hence, my leap of faith led me down the rabbit hole.

D-day arrived. I lugged my bag around NUS, lost for the umpteen time but still somehow managed to find the rendezvous location. Awkward exchanges with strangers asking where do I register, and POOF! I was sitting down beside people I do not know. More awkward stares and obviously I shared army stories with the guys. (If you did not know by now, I am really socially awkward with new faces, especially those of the opposite gender.)

We played some ice-breakers and slowly got to put a name to each face. 10am - time to push off to deposit our bags. The journey there was pretty much girls and guys, separated as though the sky fell out with the earth. We learnt a few cheers and proceeded on with the rest of the day. What really broke the ice was the shit stirring session at night with drinks; with weird sensitive questions flying around, it's hard not to get acquainted...

The next day, I decided to heck it and go all out crazy, meaning throw my face, man up and start socializing. It was then I realised actually interacting with girls are the same as with guys, it's just that others might view your actions as flirting but if you aren't bothered by it, why not make a new friend? Hence my path to lapsupness begins!

I must say though, being utterly shameless was downright fun. Everyone judged you but as long as you had thick enough skin, you are fine. (Can't really reveal too much of the activities in Arts Camp but I'll say definitely worth the experience XD)

After the 5 days, I am 200% affirmative that I lost all my energy and my throat to Arts Camp and when the day dawned for me to go for Psych Camp, I was pretty much drained and lethargic. So glad that my OG for Psych Camp had the same energy level as me AHAHA! We seriously just casually participated in every game (and surprisingly won some). Throughout the Psych Camp, our OG was really lost in our own world which was awesomely great for me as I needed that rest. Kudos to the sing K chinese gang! :)

To end off, I would just like to shout out to all my OGmates!!! You guys and gals were are awesome XOXO

Arts Camp OG!

Psych Camp OG!

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