Thursday, December 24, 2015

My first week of having a platoon (?)

Hey hey, before I start, I must apologize for any incoherent sentences in my previous blog post. Wasn't in a really clear frame of mind when I was blogging. So anyway back to topic. The day has finally came for me to take charge of men. And by men, I meant men from all walks of life. To say I am taking a platoon would yet would not be apt for my platoon consists of 89 troopers, which by conventional standard, is a company plus size hence the question mark.

Being an officer isn't about the rank nor the greetings you get simply because troopers see you with the bar; it's about handling responsibility when it comes, balancing the fine line between discipline and safety, knowing when to push their limits so on and so forth. I must say I am both excited yet nervous for this course. Maybe I'm not ready, maybe I am but I know I will put in my best. Many excellent officers who commissioned way before me share a common advice - learning how to be an officer is On Job Training (OJT), meaning to say we will definitely make mistakes and it's ultimately how we overcome them that makes us true blue green officers. <--PUNNY THERE!

Having conducted quite a few sessions of PT, I am about to conduct a high key exercise in a few weeks' time. I may not be the most experienced, nor the most confident, but I am definitely the most prepared. May I achieve a good conduct~

P.S. if any of my troopers seriously stalked me and happened to read this, hmm hello?

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