Friday, January 1, 2016


Thought this post would be a good start to the new year ahead. People always say a new year, a new beginning. You cleanse yourself of past mistakes, reflect on your shortcomings and better your strengths. Well, I personally do not really concur with the 'new year, new beginning' idea. A new year to me only means another year to prove yourself that you are better than the past you. And it's not really about the new year per say, but rather the passing of each brand new day. As long as the present you can look forward to the future you and say you are going to do better, while beaming to the past you and saying you did your best, I see pleasant days ahead.

Started the first day of 2016 with a great PT session because I was trying to expunge the toxins out from my systems (Thanks Jack and Gerald...). The thing about exercises is you never learn your limits; sometimes you may be breathless but your muscles can go further, sometimes your muscles burn out even though you feel great. It is merely a challenge of between the mind and body to see who breaks first. The best thing is whichever that breaks bounces back bigger better stronger than before. Such are the marvels of the human physique and mind. Reminds me of the time when I was super skinny and severely underweight. I wouldn't say I'm very strong now but at least I grew bigger, fitter and healthier. No more being dangerously skinny.


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