Thursday, December 10, 2015


Reading has always been a favourite pastime for me, although I have not touched books for a long while after I entered OCS. Good news is I have started reading books again since a month ago, henceforth ending the 9 month's drought of knowledge.

The Enemy series by Charlie Higson, Ender's Game series by Orson Scott... so on (I'm still reading this month's Forbes Asia which is tediously long)

One thing I love about reading is that I can do it anytime anywhere even in the toilet. And the magical thing is I can unknowingly read for hours in a sitting, imagining as the characters come to life in front of my eyes.

Surreal - that's what I feel. Books can get you to places you can only dream of; in opening your eyes to the book, you are closing our eyes to the outside world. Every page you flip tenderly, every chapter you incessantly pursue, every book you devour... I simply enjoy it.

Perhaps you do not understand the joy of reading as I do; not anyone enjoys the same passion for books as I do. But I believe one day you would, either as you stand along the sidelines of the train carriage sticking your nose into a book or as you sit in a rocking chair with reading glasses reading a light novel. Then will you share the same joy as I do.

On a side note, I do have an account now for you readers to ask away HERE!

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