Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cooking Mama NS edition

Was having some craving for steak so I randomly asked Shawn whether I could learn to cook steak at his house on friday. HEY PRESTO, I could!

-skips boring commercials and rubbish-

We met up at Square 2, then went to shop for our meat at MM! shop (kinda forgot the name of the shop but it's green and cool!!) Receipt amounted to $60ish? but food > money on my priority list.

Le Meat
We walked over to "The Fresh Food People' to get seasoning and milk to enhance our eating experience. No pictures because I was lazy if you haven't guessed it's Cold Storage, you wouldn't want to see the same mundane photos of this exceedingly common mart.

On the way to Shawn's humble abode
Shawn's house is really awesome partly because he stays in the 22nd floor, which is like me, and all cool men stay on the 22nd floor. Check out the kitchen.

State of the art facilities - Call us now to book!

Let's officially introduce them! There's steaky boy 1 and 2, cheesy mozzarella...
The reason why Shawn's life is so flavorful *cough* hue hue hue
We started with the marinated chicken wings.

MIA - Masterchef in Asia
Now that's some hot chicks :)

We marinated the steaks (I molested them actually) and off they went to the frying pan. Things to take note will be the thickness of the steak which will affect how long it cooks and of course the colour of the steak. We timed 1m 45s before flipping over to the other side and vice versa.

They couldn't cry rape because they had no mouths AHAHAH
Looks good eh?
Shawn cooking while I pause for a chicken wing break
AND FINALLY THE STEAK IS DONE. I settled the chicken wings in the oven while Shawn settled the steaks.


Binge Meat Eating day :P
We went on to make some mac and cheese hashtagvirginattemptforbothofus.

Aesthetics: 1/10
Being avid meat lovers with a deadly craving to settle, we finished it in a jiffy.

Guess who had diarrhoea the next day?
Netflix and chill the rest of the night... and NO I do not mean fucking around well I mean Shawn is attractive and all just kidding. We had some random breakfast the next morning, and we then proceeded to SUPER MOTHERLOAD THE REST OF THE DAY AWAY.

Overall, it was a fun boys' night out! (mandatory closing paragraph for closure of essay)

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  1. Your friend's kitchen is like a dream kitchen :O There's so many equipments and spices to work with