Friday, February 5, 2016

Final notes to my troopers (and cadres)

You guys have been bugging me for the past few days regarding my blog tsk, so anyway here it is.

27/15 Security Trooper (Combat) course started on a slow note, although the pace quickly picked up and before we know it, my boys became men and graduated from the course. That fleeting moment when you threw your berets/ jockey caps was the proudest day of the course; the jubilant smiles you guys had congratulating one another; the fixation of wanting to take photos together to leave a definite imprint on an indefinite past. The future of all of you is uncertain, but I do know you will do your utmost for the very best have taught you invaluable life lessons - me and my command team. Every action and word we speak, although simple, carries meaning within them and ultimately like a puzzle, fits together at the end of the day, forming an idea in you. While all this may sound confusing and bombastic, it will all make sense in due time or you can just look up the dictionary.

What I want to say is thank you guys for the wonderful 7/ 8 weeks we shared together, of which I could not have done it without my command team, namely Aminuddin, Shan En, Alger, Toby, Firdaus and Zhong Ming. We really have great harmony within us!! :)

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