Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sober night

The night is too young and windy to waste the opportunity to publish a blog post so I shall.

To my 19-turning-20 year old self,
You may feel depressed at your fellow batchmates commission just 6 hours ago. You question how on earth are you going to survive the 9 months ordeal. You wonder if the friends you made at Aeromedical Centre will remember you and the acts you have done with/ for them. Let me tell you. You do not have to worry.

Because you see, you will have another bunch of friends who will commission the same day as you too.
You will face the 9 months ordeal with fellow brothers in arms, smile as you get punished because heck, they are suffering with you and that makes it cool.
Your friends at Aeromedical Centre will remember you, because you make it an effort to keep in touch. Simple acts go a long way and they will appreciate what you have done for them.

Things may go missing, rifles may IA, you will get knocked, YOU WILL THINK OF GIVING UP. But...

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This is when your carbon will shine into diamond, when you persevere on despite the pain. That is you.

You are strong.

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