Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 35/39

Ex Panther Strike week, also haze-going-to-kill-everyone week.

Day 1
Spent the day sitting in for conducting briefs and exercise briefs. Had the usual force preparations to prepare for the final summary exercise of my whole OCS journey. YAAYYYYYY!!

Day 2 - 3
A frantic rush to settle everything by NMT (No move time which means everything is prepared and ready and nobody is to move anywhere) and we did accomplish that. Originally intended to board the tonner to head off to Landing Site for Heliborne insertion into the depth of our area objective but HAZE. So the bird is unable to take off nor land. Hence in the end, we waited till early dawn to set off to our area objective because our mission is truncated. Nonetheless, the walk was still perilous in pitch darkness; the weight of the matador coupled with SBO3 made it tough. Ex Panther Strike had 2 missions, first one being a dawn BUA (built up area) assault followed by a conventional quick attack in the jungle. Shan't spoil the summex for future infantry cadets so you guys/ gals enjoy the fruits of your laborous training.

Day 4
Cleaning of weapons and our VERY MUDDY uniforms, no thanks to the waist deep mud "river". Oooohm the stench of infantry... Then booked out in the evening.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 34/39

If you guys and gals noticed, I changed the total duration in OCS to 39 weeks because somehow it's not the usual 38 weeks. Either I got scammed or what lol. Pretty chill week, just like a calm before a storm; Ex Panther Strike is next week :O

Day 1
Half a day spent rotting cleaning common area then promptly got chartered to Bedok Camp 2 for Guards internship. CO opening address, followed by a rough outline of Principal Staff Officers' job scope. In summary, S1 is in charge of manpower, S2 security and intelligence, S3 operations and training, S4  support  and logistics. Jogged the ground around the camp because the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) "does not like to walk". Oh well, anything goes. Can't describe how Guards camp look like due to confidentiality but just wow at what they actually have to do. Mind over body eh...

Day 2
Second day of internship, just that today is a full day package. I got attached under CPT Tong, which is a female Guards Officer Commanding (OC) and also a SMS scholar. *insert applause* She is quite cool and chill, unlike the Platoon Sergeants (PSses) who are hmm fiercer. Guess it's inherent in their nature in order for them to control their men. Really productive day listening to Platoon Commanders (PCs) share about their experience in unit; OCS do train competent officers with high moral values.
---For people who are clueless as to what OC/ PC/ PS stands for and how they work, basically OC commands a company which has 4 platoons, every platoon is led by a PC and a PS. The PS assists the PC in regimentation and discipline while the PC conducts exercises and draws up lesson plans.

Day 3
Vocation Obstacle Course orientation run, sounds scary but is in reality just SOC with stretcher + 3 jerry cans (20kg each) rundown at the final stretch. Random 9km route march in the afternoon which was easy peasy :) I have not lost my touch~

Day 4

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 33/38

An integral moment of my OCS life because this week is ATP week. Time for another badge on my uniform.

Day 1
We went to IMT (Individual Marksmanship Trainer) which brought back memories of my time in NCC. If I am not mistaken, this would be my 5th time coming to this place. Ahah despite all that said, I did not score very well for the familiarization shoot. Had instinctive action drills lessons in the later part of the day in order for us to at least achieve perfect score for this aspect of ATP.

Day 2
Had zeroing shoot first before commencing the actual staging shoots. In essence, ATP is broken up into 3 components: Stage A, Stage B and Stage C.
Stage A is the most tiring shoot, why so being the presence of 300m rundown, 200m rundown and 100m rundown. The key to scoring well is to run at a adequate pace where your breathing is regulated so you limit the amount of panting you have during the actual shoot.
For stage B, it is instinctive action drills, which as said is the easiest to score through sheer practice and rough estimation of where your scope should aim to hit the targetboard.
Stage C is night shoot which most of us will assume is the toughest to score simply because the targetboard is too hard to distinguish from the backdrop. BUT!! We somehow scored relatively well in this aspect LOL.

Day 3
I scored marksman the day before and by right was supposed to rest back in wingline but sadly, NS lies. Was worth coming back to the range though as those who scored marksman already were allocated duties to better understand how the conduct of a live range shoot works. This was something OCS did not prepare us for and I felt it was invaluable for our future endeavours in NS as officers will indefinitely conduct such exercises.

Day 4
Certain "bobo" cadets have to go for reshoot day 2 while the rest of us stayed at wingline to YEP, you guessed right, clean our weapons. Didn't really do much today because of the irregular hours of sleep we had the past two days (we slept 4 hours or less!)

Day 5
Lessons of area security operations. Basically how to secure an urban area while handling possible riots and misguided mobs of citizens. Quite a cool experience although I am not sure when will I actually put this into practice.

A worthy bookout for me to integrate the marksmanship badge into my uniform family XD!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 32/38

Relatively simple week although I'm like super lethargic for the whole week. Such an irony that when you have nothing to do but rest in bunk, you feel more tired.

Day 1
Probably the only worthy thing to note was ICCT (Intermediate Close Combat Training). The instructor was going to ORD tomorrow so this lesson was slack. Cheers to ORD HAHA

Day 2
Felt like we turned back time to CLM, where one full day was dedicated to self-directed learning. What a great day of "studying" I did!

Day 3
Had Chinook heli training in the morning, followed by UO (Urban Operations) practical in the afternoon. This was in preparation for Ex Coyote II and subsequently Ex Panther Strike. Again, the contradicting SOP (refer to previous post for what SOP stands for) between the instructors and 2WO Philip continues to befuddle us.

Day 4
Ex Coyote II. We went to Lim Chu Kang abandoned area for UO training. Because it was supposed to last 2 day but shortened to 1 day, we were anticipating a CM in the middle of the night to move off to the mission objective. Phew, luckily it did not happen.

Day 5
Furious mad rushing of cleaning stores, weapons and the wing in order to achieve mission objective - NIGHTS OUT!!! Surprising how things get done fast when everyone shares a common goal. Second nights out, went to chill with DJ Loo at Jurong Point.

Day 6
UO live firing. Saturday is definitely not a good happy day for anything related to NS so I guess you understand our pain, unless of course if you are a girl which means ... well, you get my point.

Oh yea, selected "lucky" few cadets got targeted for not shining our boots for parade... Nothing to say except thank you, fairness. Sergeant Major forced us to clean up the whole wing and I swear it was never better since 15 years ago. And he still said, "I see almost no effort". Wow, the angst boiling inside me was real. In conclusion, I booked out luckily to attend my DC Justice League run. 

EDIT: TA DA~ bonus marksmanship badge pic too!