Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 19/38

What a long draggy week, got weird food cravings in the middle of the week but that kinda helped me to press on hahah. Cheers~

Day 1
BOOKED IN ON SATURDAY NIGHT WHEN I BOOKED OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE. Yep, had to say the painful truth. Had Exercise Rhino on a Sunday zzz what a refreshing thought. But anyway, my mind was clear and resigned to it. Witnessed a PLC (Projected Line Charge, looks like a human-sized cigarette) which is to help clear a path from a minefield so soldiers can advance without stepping on a mine. How it works is that it will detonate or activate the mines using the blast from its ends, allowing a path that is charred but safe to step on. Went on with platoon live firing. Everyone went fine, until just before night live firing, it poured heavily. What can I say? The luck of the infantry outfield.

Day 2
CWO (Crossing of Water Obstacles) lesson with Encik Philip. It was fun.

Day 3
Exercise Gateway. It is basically a live showcase of what to do in Exercise Forager, the survival phase of JCC. Will have to type out/ write my jungle survival tips soon to remind myself...

Day 4/5
Exercise Castaway. Split up into details of 6 person to do a mock survival phase of JCC Rediscovered many setups which we thought were built right but are actually wrong. Guess I have to practise tying sheer and square lashing in my free time. Oh, and writing up of my survival tips too!!

Day 6
Recovery from Exercise Castaway, which was a great experience :) Finally getting to book out oh yes! Ramen here I come!!!

Week 17-18/38

Week 17 was block leave. Went Langkawi to relax with my parents and just enjoy leaving NS everything behind. Even though the time spent there was short, it was fruitfully amazing. A long overdue break from the hectic lifestyle. Tuesday fun with my JCC detail bros, shiok pork chop + vegs @ tiong bahru (if you really want to know the location, just drop a comment here! :P) Then every other day left was spent nua-ing at home... As said, rest. Literally.

Week 18 started badly, with everyone having post-block leave syndrome... aka AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) feels. Can't really remember much about it so I'll just state the high keys.

Day 1
SOC practice again. Quite tiring haha, mostly because I can't land properly with my current shin pain.

Day 2
PAN TES familiarization in the morning, followed by JCC lesson after lunch. Learnt alot of new cool stuff, like building an A-frame, monitor lizard trap et cetera. Wow, I am really excited for Exercise Castaway next week where we will be building it...

Day 3
6km CETL with Platoon estab. According to everyone, it was a killer but oh well, the field pack regime really toughened me up for this; I felt relatively okay heh :)

Day 4
10km CSB run, clocked 49mins 21secs. Not bad for a guy with shin pain :P

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 16/38

An uttering shag week of exercises. Funny how I survived.

Day 1
Exercise Wolf starts. Loads of pre-AOP planning (refer to previous blog post on what is AOP) and now we are finally putting it into action. Had ridgeline fighting lesson and training, as usual easy to understand, hard to coordinate and execute. Platoon battle course came next, what can I say, it's tough and tiring. Dinner, more planning and sleep before Ex Wolf 1.

Day 2
Ex Wolf attack phase 1. I was the runner, aka the sad person that runs around in FBO mode WITH SIGNAL SET. So in essence, I was lugging at least 25kg around running, keyword is 'running'. Nothing much la, just damn shagged out after that and my shin pain does not help D:

Day 3
Ex Wolf attack phase 2. Luckily I am not anything important so just doing what my section commander wants and fight. Can't really describe much about the firefight. But in general, our platoon is definitely rusty after not doing platoon/ section fighting for quite sometime.

Day 4
Rest day, or whatever you call it when we have nothing strenuous planned. Got swimming holy that's like a rarity in OCS. Oh yea, then shit happened - 9km Endurance Run... wow, my shin pain really hampering my results... but at least I completed it :)

Day 5 & 6
Navigation exercise. EDIT: They are Exercise Hunter and Seeker, out which Seeker is the one without instructors following your detail. With FBO, soft plates hard plates and 2 1.5L bottles. Haha, killer man but great realistic training nonetheless. Guess it's really true that you never know where your limit is till you break it.

Going off to Langkawi wheee~ bye guys (and gals)