Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week 6/38

Day 1
Think it was a chill day with M203 technical handling and test, followed by encik's force prep tips. Nothing much really, apart from me having a really bad sore throat and cough.

Day 2
I LOST MY VOICE HOLY!?!?! But anyway, it was a day out at Signal Institute, learnt a lot of cool stuff. Food was kinda bad there, SAFTI is wayy better :) I miss my uncle aunties preparing my food already!

Day 3
Voice not getting any better... and now the instructors are laughing at me now LOL. My fellow sectionmates said they starting to miss my voice woww, okay that sounded gay. Thanks guys, I appreciate your love~

Day 4
M203 and Matador live firing! Pew boom boom! Everything is damn fun la honestly, although the officers are like "Oh, so you are the one that lost his voice. Okay try your best to whisper out loud" What an irony... whispering loud... Was supposed to have a 6km tactical route march back to wingline but it rained. The funny thing was me, James and my buddy volunteered to load up the vehicle then we somehow ended up driven back to wingline with the equipments. Aka we avoided the route march back HAHAHA (and we do not have to redo shiok ah!)

Day 5
Cadet Duty Officer (CDO). Which means I have zero admin time and no bathing till the next day zzz it sucks. OH YEA, AND I CAN'T BOOK OUT TONIGHT FML

P.S. I think my motivation to blog reduced significantly as the physical intensity increased... what a depressing thought soz guys and gals

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 5/38

Day 1
Demolition live firing. Selected to set off a door charge boom boom! I was practically grinning from ear to ear throughout the preparation of charge all the way to detonating it. :D although studying for it was a pain in the ass. M203 studying again, can't say I studied cuz I speed read it once and went to sleep LOL. If I really get top score and get to fire the live one, I really too good...

Day 2
SAR21 and Section Assault Weapon (SAW) <-- did I introduced this abbreviation before? Oh well, whatever. Cool ass Multi-Mission Range Complex (MMRC)!! Kenna shocked when the instructors inside the complex told me to stop taking photos cuz there were no permissions given from their side and my sirs have zero power inside a.k.a I have no protection from getting charged. YES YOU READ IT, I SOMEHOW GOT NOMINATED TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE WING what a 9 months RAI LOL... Luckily, nothing happened la because I had my lucky red underwear on

Day 3
IPPT test again. WOW MY RUNNING REALLY NO JOKE, ENCIK PHILIP'S PT REALLY HELPS. I ran a 9min something, less than 9:15 will edit soon when I know the results but HOLY I CAN RUN COMMANDO TIMING :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) okay then bookout ahaha, happy as hell~~ ta da guys and gals! enjoy CNY!!

EDIT: I RAN 9:10 wooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo~~

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 4/38 (+ Mini Story)

Day 1
Tired as fuck. Monday greens cuz I'm in green HAHA. Captain's ball first thing in the morning... i sucked at catching balls (means I'm not gay LOL)  Studied abit for demolition and charges then it was compass course the whole day. Hate being the last detail to eat/ draw arms/ go for activities et cetera. But what to do? Suck it up.

Day 2
Tired as fuck day 2. Claymore and tripwire practical. Practically a sit and wait for your turn to get tested day. Nighttime was when the real shit happened. Live firing of tripwire was bright like holyyyyy, full fledged blinding of the eyes if you are too stupid to look straight at it. But FUCK LA we, or rather the firers misplaced 2 Returnable Ammunition Items (RAI) zzz, spent 2 hours searching for it. And obviously we did not find it - like searching for a needle (maybe needleS will be more apt) in a haystack.

Day 3
Charges. Nope, I did not get charged :) Door breaching charge, side charge, electric firing circuit. FML being platoon 3; we end up lagging behind in every station and have to spend our admin time finishing up the test. Shit, all these info is gonna end up coming in from one ear and exiting through the other ear. Hopefully the "stay in brain" duration will be long... EDIT: I'M GONNA BE FIRING THE LIVE DOOR CHARGE OMFG HOW THE HECK?! Maybe my test score was high hmmm

Day 4
SOC trial test. Think I ran fast. EDIT: I ran 3.57 mins, which is uhh 3mins 34secs  EDIT: 57 secs wow holy even I am impressed with myself. Matador day; in case you were wondering, it looks like... okay never mind just Google it LOL initially hoping to ace it and shoot the live matador but HAHA too heavy and tedious. What a angsty day :O

Day 5
4km fast march. Spring effect all over again from BMT - platoon 1 has gap, platoon 2 widens the gap, platoon 3, aka myself and guys, had to run to close up the gap. HELLO, it ain't a fast run but a fast MARCH. Good shin muscle workout :P oh yea, John James & my buddy hid in my cupboard yesterday to scare me. They ended up waiting 30mins for me to open it cuz I was doing pushups and all AHAHAHA. Next week 3 days in OCS only.


There was a gardener and a flower seed.

The gardener showered the seed everyday with tender loving care, made sure it has the perfect protection it needs. As the seed gradually grew, it felt the scorching heat of the sun, the harsh words from the wind, the infections from pests. The gardener got a temperature probe to monitor the budding seed; when it was hot the gardener would shelter it with an umbrella, when it was cold the gardener would turn on the heating system. Needless to say, when there were pests, the gardener would invest all of his efforts to get rid of them, even if it means suffering bites or getting infected as a result from it.

All of which was to ensure the bud blossomed into a beautiful happy flower.

And it did. It was no longer the frail weak seed which was unable to fend for itself but now the strong independent flower capable of protecting itself. The gardener was happy to see that all his efforts were not for nothing. The flower knew too and greatly appreciated the gardener.

However, it was time for the flower to be sold to another, one who may or may not cherish and devote all his/ her effort into loving the flower; be it singing to it to make it happy, watering it to quench its thirst, feeding it nutrients to keep it pretty and so on. The gardener was sad to see it go, but yet happy to know that he once shared experiences with the flower, shared ups and downs with the flower. Most importantly, the gardener knew he once had a place in the flower's heart. He truly loved the flower but it was not meant to be.

And so the gardener let the flower go.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 3/38

Day 1
Did not count the Sunday book in but meh. Post confession day, I swear I'm such a coward at times...
First day of Service Term and it rained. WHAT THE F***.
WHEN I ONLY BROUGHT 1 SET OF NO. 4 ZZZ thinking positive *fingers crossed*
Haha, whatever at least you are with me?

Day 2
Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) trial. Been awhile since I tried the SOC - 9 months plus D: Luckily I got the hang of stuff fast. Then came leadership challenge - Tetra model and complements et cetera, tent pitching and paintball. Honestly, I dun really like painball (pun intended) or any other violent games for that matter so yep, apprenhensive.

Day 3
BORING DAY 1. Area cleaning, lessons on section training and satellite imagery. Nothing much.

Day 4
BORING DAY 2, just more mentally torturous. Studied Section Automatic Weapon (SAW) and half of demolition and charges. EDIT: forgot almost everything on the latter FML. SAW test was easy, but woah MP raid tonight HOLY. I'm clean so nope not worrying.

Day 5
SAW practical basically taking up the whole day. Realised I am quite noob at it but whatever, everyone has their weaknesses and I guess it would call that mine. Brb, pulling up my socks.

PS. Came across this article while I was bored and went to read the newspaper LOL
"Why is this? Why must we always be stimulating and entertaining ourselves?
Why is it that we cannot just sit quietly with out thoughts - even for a short time.. ...
[Because] We crave stimulation, he [Blaise Pascal, philosopher] said, to distract ourselves from our inner emptiness and despair."

There is more interesting stuff but in essence, yup that's kinda what it says.
- Excerpt from
Filling the void
Mind Your Body, The Straits Times, 5 Feb 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 2/38

Day 1
Gym orientation. Nothing much that I did not know, a bit boring. Had military law and TSR test, hope that I passed D: EDIT: I passed LOL! FBO route march was shockingly painful, since I have never carried my field pack for about 9 months... but I did it anyway muahaha Mind > body! Sadly my buddy is mentally weaker so I have to get him stronger.

Day 2
Only weights training was physically draining: should not have took the 4kg dumbell HAHA. Today was kinda depressing since she was depressed about thinking about her past relationship... Haiz.

Day 3
3km cadence run. Chemical defence theory and practical -> stuffy and cool. Honestly, the theory sucked... Side note, S19 gas mask looks damn cool but I was stuck with one size smaller throughout the shit, wow the pain. Possible turnout for today? *Fingers crossed*

Day 4
Chemical defence finally. As usual, complaining about my small ill-fitting gas mask, suffocating abit... The tear gas pallet really worked OMG. Kay, rest of the day was just area cleaning meh

Day 5
Did sports while developing character values. Well thought-out activity; made me reflect alot, guess the instructor who took us was influential. Turnout and Initiation course. Two white bars :)

Day 6
Bookout. 'Nuff said.