Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 39/39

It's finally the end of OCS guys and gals. What was once so far is now so near and within reach. As every day pass by second by second, minutes gradually became hours and hours turned into days. Before I knew it, I was standing on the graduating parade square itself.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Rehearsals.Oh! And a random nights out which was pointless to me hence I slept in bunk.

Day 4

Day 5
Rehearsals. Got to book out in the evening but alas, I have to book in tomorrow at 8.30am. ZZZ also no point but going home is still going home.

The day I have been waiting for throughout my NS life. The morning felt so surreal that I could've pinched myself and still not felt pain. As the actual graduating parade drew closer, the tension also built up within me (familiar with the butterflies in the stomach feeling? Yup, that's it). Every minute on the parade square felt eternal yet I did not want that feeling to end, because somehow I dread the unknown, if what is to happen. We have been taught to lead, but this will be the test itself. How we fare is up to us, and I definitely do not want to screw it up. Before I knew it, I was grabbing the 2LT rank insignia and marching back onto the parade square to be properly commissioned as a fresh 2LT. My eyes actually welled up at the thought of that. Whatever people say about doing anything just to be in a commissioning parade again is true, the feeling is indescribable!

 My dad affixing on my rank

 Me and Qi Xun, a long-time exercise buddy and close friend of mine
 Me and Gerald, it's been 2 years?
 Not sure why am I slanting in the opposite direction as the Leaning Tower of Pisa
 My parents!
 Air-force buddies for life!
Part 2 of that because Xuan Wen was late. tsk.

P.S. Sorry Ulric, my 12 year friend, but I just can't seem to find our photo LOL. But it's on twitter anyway :)

Oh, and I was bored so I audio-taped me singing 小幸运 by 田馥甄. DO NOT JUDGE! Okay i'm kidding, just judge LOL!

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