Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 38/39

Can't really say I did much over these two weeks because it's just endless parade rehearsals after rehearsals. OMG the lower back pain.

Day 1

Day 2
Somehow got rest, aka more lectures. You will never know how hard it is to find the Z monster until you face a droning monotonous lecturer who knows way too much in his field of expertise and keep wanting to digress to share more...

Day 3
ACPC (Awards Certificate Presentation Ceremony) rehearsals. It was kind of different; for one, we wore No. 2 which was the formal dining in dress attire, and secondly the rehearsing was all for a mere 10 seconds up on stage which somehow people still screw up.

Day 4
Nothing much, same old rehearsals.

Day 5
ACPC itself. In summary, it was good food turning cold because of formalities' sake, we had to wait for the higher-in-command to tuck in first before us consuming.

Day 6
Stayed back for Inter-arms relay which got pushed back due to haze. Thanks Indonesia for burning another of my weekends!

EDIT: My team for PT excellence somehow won this LOL.

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