Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week 37/39

Joint term begins! Familiar faces from the air force and my ex-wing mates who left for artillery during Professional term. Also signifies the start of droning lectures and the torture of having to keep myself awake in order to not get confined receive the best out of all these lectures.

Day 1
Lectures. Lunch. Lectures. Remember these 3 Ls guys and gals.

Day 2

Day 3
Quite an refreshing change for awhile. We had PT excellence which was to compete between groups to see who fared better after a long hiatus of not doing any rigorous training. Of course, thanks to Indonesia, our very friendly and helpful counterpart near us, we could not resume the running part of this competition and hence have to be pushed back to sat (aka we had to stay back zzz). And NS being NS, had the wonderful planning idea of stacking a lecture 30mins right after the supposed end time which in the end was truncated due to the increment weather (for the less knowledgeable, I meant the haze). Imagine if we had gone on with the competition; definitely rushing and dead beat in the lectures. And that's not all, we had to go for our first commissioning parade rehearsal right after that randomly slotted lecture. Double the sleepiness WOOHOO. Okay, at least I survived the day to crash the night away.

Day 4
Lo and behold, grand planning today, just lectures.

Day 5
Whole day of parade rehearsal, I feel like my fingers are gone.  Holding the rifle still by my side for about 1 hour without rest = no joke. Now I understand why the seniors say Joint Term is the hardest phase of OCS. Shag day indeed.

Day 6
Because haze. #ihateyoujokowidodo

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