Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 36/39

This week marks the end of Professional Term YAY!!!

Day 1
Nothing much I guess, mainly lectures and administrative stuff. Oh wait, we had Infantry Vocational Obstacle Course orientation... hmm quite okay

Day 2
Preparation for Platoon Assault Course, force preparation et cetera blah blah

Day 3
Platoon Assault Course! We promised our instructors that we will be the fastest and win the trophy back. Sadly, being an adept marksmen was deemed an integral skillset for an infanteer to possess hence even though we were fastest, we were last in the shooting component and thus not first. Disclaimer, I do not think I was a BOBO shooter haha XD

Day 4
Kinda forgot what happened lol... OH YEA OFF-IN-LIEU

Day 5
Le random book-in because we had to visit the artillery institute to learn about how that vocation works.

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