Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 35/39

Ex Panther Strike week, also haze-going-to-kill-everyone week.

Day 1
Spent the day sitting in for conducting briefs and exercise briefs. Had the usual force preparations to prepare for the final summary exercise of my whole OCS journey. YAAYYYYYY!!

Day 2 - 3
A frantic rush to settle everything by NMT (No move time which means everything is prepared and ready and nobody is to move anywhere) and we did accomplish that. Originally intended to board the tonner to head off to Landing Site for Heliborne insertion into the depth of our area objective but HAZE. So the bird is unable to take off nor land. Hence in the end, we waited till early dawn to set off to our area objective because our mission is truncated. Nonetheless, the walk was still perilous in pitch darkness; the weight of the matador coupled with SBO3 made it tough. Ex Panther Strike had 2 missions, first one being a dawn BUA (built up area) assault followed by a conventional quick attack in the jungle. Shan't spoil the summex for future infantry cadets so you guys/ gals enjoy the fruits of your laborous training.

Day 4
Cleaning of weapons and our VERY MUDDY uniforms, no thanks to the waist deep mud "river". Oooohm the stench of infantry... Then booked out in the evening.

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