Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 34/39

If you guys and gals noticed, I changed the total duration in OCS to 39 weeks because somehow it's not the usual 38 weeks. Either I got scammed or what lol. Pretty chill week, just like a calm before a storm; Ex Panther Strike is next week :O

Day 1
Half a day spent rotting cleaning common area then promptly got chartered to Bedok Camp 2 for Guards internship. CO opening address, followed by a rough outline of Principal Staff Officers' job scope. In summary, S1 is in charge of manpower, S2 security and intelligence, S3 operations and training, S4  support  and logistics. Jogged the ground around the camp because the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) "does not like to walk". Oh well, anything goes. Can't describe how Guards camp look like due to confidentiality but just wow at what they actually have to do. Mind over body eh...

Day 2
Second day of internship, just that today is a full day package. I got attached under CPT Tong, which is a female Guards Officer Commanding (OC) and also a SMS scholar. *insert applause* She is quite cool and chill, unlike the Platoon Sergeants (PSses) who are hmm fiercer. Guess it's inherent in their nature in order for them to control their men. Really productive day listening to Platoon Commanders (PCs) share about their experience in unit; OCS do train competent officers with high moral values.
---For people who are clueless as to what OC/ PC/ PS stands for and how they work, basically OC commands a company which has 4 platoons, every platoon is led by a PC and a PS. The PS assists the PC in regimentation and discipline while the PC conducts exercises and draws up lesson plans.

Day 3
Vocation Obstacle Course orientation run, sounds scary but is in reality just SOC with stretcher + 3 jerry cans (20kg each) rundown at the final stretch. Random 9km route march in the afternoon which was easy peasy :) I have not lost my touch~

Day 4

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