Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 33/38

An integral moment of my OCS life because this week is ATP week. Time for another badge on my uniform.

Day 1
We went to IMT (Individual Marksmanship Trainer) which brought back memories of my time in NCC. If I am not mistaken, this would be my 5th time coming to this place. Ahah despite all that said, I did not score very well for the familiarization shoot. Had instinctive action drills lessons in the later part of the day in order for us to at least achieve perfect score for this aspect of ATP.

Day 2
Had zeroing shoot first before commencing the actual staging shoots. In essence, ATP is broken up into 3 components: Stage A, Stage B and Stage C.
Stage A is the most tiring shoot, why so being the presence of 300m rundown, 200m rundown and 100m rundown. The key to scoring well is to run at a adequate pace where your breathing is regulated so you limit the amount of panting you have during the actual shoot.
For stage B, it is instinctive action drills, which as said is the easiest to score through sheer practice and rough estimation of where your scope should aim to hit the targetboard.
Stage C is night shoot which most of us will assume is the toughest to score simply because the targetboard is too hard to distinguish from the backdrop. BUT!! We somehow scored relatively well in this aspect LOL.

Day 3
I scored marksman the day before and by right was supposed to rest back in wingline but sadly, NS lies. Was worth coming back to the range though as those who scored marksman already were allocated duties to better understand how the conduct of a live range shoot works. This was something OCS did not prepare us for and I felt it was invaluable for our future endeavours in NS as officers will indefinitely conduct such exercises.

Day 4
Certain "bobo" cadets have to go for reshoot day 2 while the rest of us stayed at wingline to YEP, you guessed right, clean our weapons. Didn't really do much today because of the irregular hours of sleep we had the past two days (we slept 4 hours or less!)

Day 5
Lessons of area security operations. Basically how to secure an urban area while handling possible riots and misguided mobs of citizens. Quite a cool experience although I am not sure when will I actually put this into practice.

A worthy bookout for me to integrate the marksmanship badge into my uniform family XD!

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