Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 32/38

Relatively simple week although I'm like super lethargic for the whole week. Such an irony that when you have nothing to do but rest in bunk, you feel more tired.

Day 1
Probably the only worthy thing to note was ICCT (Intermediate Close Combat Training). The instructor was going to ORD tomorrow so this lesson was slack. Cheers to ORD HAHA

Day 2
Felt like we turned back time to CLM, where one full day was dedicated to self-directed learning. What a great day of "studying" I did!

Day 3
Had Chinook heli training in the morning, followed by UO (Urban Operations) practical in the afternoon. This was in preparation for Ex Coyote II and subsequently Ex Panther Strike. Again, the contradicting SOP (refer to previous post for what SOP stands for) between the instructors and 2WO Philip continues to befuddle us.

Day 4
Ex Coyote II. We went to Lim Chu Kang abandoned area for UO training. Because it was supposed to last 2 day but shortened to 1 day, we were anticipating a CM in the middle of the night to move off to the mission objective. Phew, luckily it did not happen.

Day 5
Furious mad rushing of cleaning stores, weapons and the wing in order to achieve mission objective - NIGHTS OUT!!! Surprising how things get done fast when everyone shares a common goal. Second nights out, went to chill with DJ Loo at Jurong Point.

Day 6
UO live firing. Saturday is definitely not a good happy day for anything related to NS so I guess you understand our pain, unless of course if you are a girl which means ... well, you get my point.

Oh yea, selected "lucky" few cadets got targeted for not shining our boots for parade... Nothing to say except thank you, fairness. Sergeant Major forced us to clean up the whole wing and I swear it was never better since 15 years ago. And he still said, "I see almost no effort". Wow, the angst boiling inside me was real. In conclusion, I booked out luckily to attend my DC Justice League run. 

EDIT: TA DA~ bonus marksmanship badge pic too!

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