Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 27/38

Oops, was too lethargic to post this last week. Sorry my avid followers (assuming I do have ... hmm questionable). Booking in on Sunday morning was not a pleasant start to the upcoming week though.

Day 1
Sunday book in, as stated. Needed to help out with 97/14 commissioning parade, which was very painful mainly because we had to stand and usher for 7 hours. Dem feels when they throw their No 1 peak cap oh god...

Day 2
Lessons on coastal hook operations

Day 3
Actual coastal hook operations exercise. Although the week plan stated one full day, the duration spent onboard the assault boat (General Support Boat/ GSB) was less than 3 hours. The real deal came when we had to clean the boats after the exercise. Wow, it was no joke; every GSB required a platoon size to wash, lift and carry the boat to the storing hangar. We had 9 GSBs to clean, imagine the joy D:

Day 4
Zombie platoon. ICCT in the morning was pretty damn bad planning zzz WHATEVER HAPPENED TO NO ACTIVITIES IF NO 7 HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED REST?!

Day 5-6
Exercise Dump-in which comprises of back-to-back missions in our SBO mode. Quite tough to fight alongside my platoonmates since over JCC but somehow my combat fitness is good to last me through. Hmm the training regime kicking in o.0

To sum up, quite an easy week if not for the lack of sleep which made it 999999999999999x harder.

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