Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week 26/38

What a short week, nothing much happening though.

Day 1
Ah SAFTI Anniversary yup, took up the whole morning plus I worked out a sweat! That felt refreshing considering I have not properly worked out in a while... today was seriously workout day. Had ICCT (Intermediate Close Combat Training) and aqua jog thereafter. Chill day in my opinion.

Day 2
ICCT in the morning, which was kinda painful since we have not recovered from yesterday's training. Got our first CETL (Combat Endurance Tekan LOL I actually do not know the acronym shit!) then ended the day with Tactics Test, which was holy shittingly tedious but managable if time is not a factor.

Day 3
Basically another chill day. Had to go for an usher's brief for 97/14 commissioning parade then followed by walk the ground at our respective sectors. Cleaned up bunk waiting to be inspected when suddenly "Charlie wing, please change into your White-Black and fall in 1600 ready at the parade square!" AHAHA, high level our CWC (Cadet Wing Commander)~ Well done yay!

Plus Happy Birthday Gerald Koh, the only Security Trooper bro I made lasting friendship with! Cheers to many more fun outings ahead XD

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