Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 21/38

Pretty average week, but the discipline of the wing going downhill due to the persistence of certain individuals wanting to talk in a file. Hopefully after the scolding and "corrective training", they will wake up (but then again, I highly doubt so...)

Day 1
Still chilling. Don't remember anything important being done today.

Day 2
SOC test. Hur hur, finally the end of SOC. Finishing it seems so simple yet induces such breathlessness. Apparently, the breathlessness stems from all the height drops which kicks out all the air and since you are continuing ahead without stoppage, the breath just cannot come back until the end of SOC. Hmm, guess that does not matter anymore because NO MORE SOC!!

Day 3
Heliborne voice procedure test and practical. Quite fun; brings back memories of when I was back in the RSAF (Royal Singapore Air Force), although I must admit, I ain't that good at it anymore :( practical was muddy... hmm then more admin and packing for Brunei.

Day 4
Brunei briefing and pre-Brunei unhappy hour! Had buffet at Kushinbo, not my cup of tea... but I learnt how to choose the best crab meat :) you just gotta kick the ones that has the highest density, healthiest/ strongest shell aka the fresh ones with succulent meat. #perksofdiningwithfishermen

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