Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 20/38

Short but crazy week, probably because of CSB 32km...

Day 1
Nothing much, they had to give us mandatory rest before our 32km route march hmm.
Route march start: 2130

Day 2
Counted day 2 when it hit 0000. People starting to get tired, and as a result, very angsty... I do not understand why some people just cannot control their emotions and act professionally. Is professionalism not part of the SAF core values which you obviously live by in NS? I may not be perfect but at the very least I try my best to control my emotions. Speaking of which, 32km was NOT FUN; I was the rear scout, aka the last man who walks alone without friends and have to cheer myself up. Must have sang to myself at least 30 songs LOL, for motivation. Everything felt alright until we crossed the water obstacle... HOLY SHIT SIA, every abrasion I never felt before erupted painfully. Nonetheless, we completed it and the 100m shoot. CSB badge woohoo~

Day 3
Post-CSB rest day, had swimming confidence test which I half passed D: but it's alright. Had lessons, more rest.

Day 4
SOC test cancelled by our wing comd! I swear he is the best we can ever wish for. Anyway, we had another swim/ waterpolo competition in replacement of SOC, plus canteen break after the swim. What a day~ Family engagement day followed after at 1745, but since I did not want to trouble my parents to come here, I went to pack my JCC stuff instead hehe. The brunei feels is setting in.

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