Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 19/38

What a long draggy week, got weird food cravings in the middle of the week but that kinda helped me to press on hahah. Cheers~

Day 1
BOOKED IN ON SATURDAY NIGHT WHEN I BOOKED OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE. Yep, had to say the painful truth. Had Exercise Rhino on a Sunday zzz what a refreshing thought. But anyway, my mind was clear and resigned to it. Witnessed a PLC (Projected Line Charge, looks like a human-sized cigarette) which is to help clear a path from a minefield so soldiers can advance without stepping on a mine. How it works is that it will detonate or activate the mines using the blast from its ends, allowing a path that is charred but safe to step on. Went on with platoon live firing. Everyone went fine, until just before night live firing, it poured heavily. What can I say? The luck of the infantry outfield.

Day 2
CWO (Crossing of Water Obstacles) lesson with Encik Philip. It was fun.

Day 3
Exercise Gateway. It is basically a live showcase of what to do in Exercise Forager, the survival phase of JCC. Will have to type out/ write my jungle survival tips soon to remind myself...

Day 4/5
Exercise Castaway. Split up into details of 6 person to do a mock survival phase of JCC Rediscovered many setups which we thought were built right but are actually wrong. Guess I have to practise tying sheer and square lashing in my free time. Oh, and writing up of my survival tips too!!

Day 6
Recovery from Exercise Castaway, which was a great experience :) Finally getting to book out oh yes! Ramen here I come!!!

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