Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 17-18/38

Week 17 was block leave. Went Langkawi to relax with my parents and just enjoy leaving NS everything behind. Even though the time spent there was short, it was fruitfully amazing. A long overdue break from the hectic lifestyle. Tuesday fun with my JCC detail bros, shiok pork chop + vegs @ tiong bahru (if you really want to know the location, just drop a comment here! :P) Then every other day left was spent nua-ing at home... As said, rest. Literally.

Week 18 started badly, with everyone having post-block leave syndrome... aka AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) feels. Can't really remember much about it so I'll just state the high keys.

Day 1
SOC practice again. Quite tiring haha, mostly because I can't land properly with my current shin pain.

Day 2
PAN TES familiarization in the morning, followed by JCC lesson after lunch. Learnt alot of new cool stuff, like building an A-frame, monitor lizard trap et cetera. Wow, I am really excited for Exercise Castaway next week where we will be building it...

Day 3
6km CETL with Platoon estab. According to everyone, it was a killer but oh well, the field pack regime really toughened me up for this; I felt relatively okay heh :)

Day 4
10km CSB run, clocked 49mins 21secs. Not bad for a guy with shin pain :P

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